Slideshare’s New HTML5 Mobile WebApp Works (Almost) Everywhere, Even In Opera Mini!

This week the popular presentation sharing site SlideShare launched a mobile Webapp.  Which is something I’m really excited about.  If you’re ever clicked a link in Twitter or an email using  your mobile browser or iPad and found yourself on Slideshare’s old non-mobile friendly Flash based site I think you will welcome the change too. According to SlidesShare the new mobile site supports the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The images above show it running on an HTC Magic phone running … Continue reading

SlideShare Mobile – Best Viewed With Opera Mini!

SlideShare, the site  where you can share and view PowerPoint and other presentations online in  a web based viewer now has a mobile version at It works pretty well as long as you have the right mobile browser. You can search for presentations, view the slides and if you log on, save them online or download them to your phone. Unfortunately, Slideshare is quite picky about what browsers it will play nice with.  As far as I can tell, … Continue reading