No Free Prepaid T-Zones For Android

For many years T-Mobile in the U.S has offered a little freebie to its Pay As You Go customers – T-Zones,  a walled garden of mobile web sites. It includes basic account management features  like checking you balance, adding funds and switching between the two available prepaid plans.  That’s hardly unusual, lots of operators have free mobile web based account management sites for users without data plans,  but the T-Zones homepage also offers unlimited access to the ABC News mobile … Continue reading

T-Mobile USA Data Price Increases – Bandwidth Issue or Greed?

Are US GSM/HSDPA carriers running out of bandwidth?  It sure looks like it.  First AT&T killed the “unlimited” data package for GoPhone pay as you go users, then they took away the option to sign up for unlimited data for users on GoPhone hybrid prepaid plans.  Now T-Mobile has raised data prices across the board for postpaid and hybrid users. Data has never been offered on T-Mobile pre-paid AT&T’s actions will decrease revenue so I can’t see any reason they … Continue reading

TmoNews – T-Mobile USA Scoops is a  seven month old news blog covering T-Mobile USA.  The site is updated daily, and is not one of those mobile “news” sites that just regurgitates the latest press leases.  TmoNews does some real investigative reporting, and has scored a number of scoops including being the first with details on T-Mobile’s data price increases that are supposed to go into effect on October 16th, the first information and photos of the Samsung Behold touchscreen phone and first with … Continue reading

A Flood of Android G1 Full Reviews

Many mainstream tech journalists and major tech blogs received T-Mobile G1 review phones last week.  The phones came with the condition of a press embargo.  No one was supposed to publish anything about the devices until today.  The floodgates are now open and the web is awash with of G1 reviews. A few of the better ones I’ve seen so far: ZDNet’s Matthew Miller has probably the most comprehensive review with seven pages, five videos and 260 images including a … Continue reading

T-Mobile’s DevPartner Program Live!

It looks like T-Mobile USA has flipped the switch on their DevParner Community.  The program is designed to streamline the process of getting a mobile application approved and available on the carrier’s soon to launched App Store.   You will need to register as a developer to be able to see the the program’s documents which include detailed requirements for testing and certification and a rate schedule.  Registration is free but if you are a hobbyist or Open Source developer … Continue reading

How Big is the Android Phone?

Engadget has published a series of photos from a Chinese forum of what is almost surely the HTC Dream  in T-Mobile livery.  This is the Android phone which T-Mobile US is supposed to launch before year end.  The pictures show the same design as other recent leaked shots of the device. Up to now none of the pictures I’ve seen of the Dream have showed it in enough context to really judge it’s size. This has lead to some reports … Continue reading

Joel Spolsky’s Nokia E71 Rave

E71 image courtesy of Nokia Author and widely read tech blogger (Joel on Software), Joel Spolsky  published a rave review today of Nokia’s newest QWERTY business phone, the E71.  Ever since this phone was announced, I’ve thought it would be a huge success.  Smaller, thinner and lighter than the Blackberry Curve or iPhone; tons of memory; fast, stable, expandable S60 OS and a keyboard that just about every reviewer seems to like in spite of what appear to be minuscule … Continue reading

T-Mobile To Go’s Free Mobile Web

In the US at least, every subscriber to T-Mobile’s prepaid service gets free access to the mobile web. Before you get too excited I have to point out that it’s a walled garden and a small one at that. In the garden you can find the usual pricey carrier downloadable games and ringtones, view your plan’s prepaid balance and expiration date and add money to the account. But there’s more, T-Mobile gives prepaid users unlimited access to seven off-portal sites … Continue reading