Opera Mini 5.1 For Windows Mobile Released

It’s been a long time coming but today Opera Software announced that the native Windows Mobile version of Opera Mini 5.1 is out of Beta and available immediately for all Windows Mobile 2003 SE, 5.x and 6.x handsets. Download it from m.opera.com using your phone’s browser or visit opera.com/mobile/download/pc/ with your PC to download the .cab file for sideloading. According to the announcement, this release includes: NEW FEATURES Ability to set Opera Mini as default browser on the device. Support … Continue reading

Updated: Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 Final Released

Opera today released “Final” (non-Beta) versions of Opera Mini 5 (image above, left) and Opera Mobile 10 (image above, right) for most platforms. Only the just released Opera Mini 5 for Android and the native Windows Mobile version of Opera Mini  remain in Beta. Download the new releases from m.opera.com with your phone browser or opera.com/mobile/ with your PC.  Opera Mini 5 Final will replace Opera Mini 4.2 and Opera Mobile 10 Final will replace any Opera Mobile 10 Beta … Continue reading

Opera Mini 5 Beta Available As A Native Windows Mobile .CAB

Opera Software today released a new Beta version of the Opera Mini 5 Beta as a native Windows Mobile  executable packaged as a .cab file.  This means that a JVM or Midlet Manager is no longer required to run Opera Mini on Windows Phones.  Finding and installing a compatible Midlet Manager has been an issue for many Windows Mobile users.  A native Opera Mini eliminates that hassle and should also provide better performance and integration with the OS. Opera Mini … Continue reading

Mobile Bookmarklet Page Update and Cleanup

Most of the better mobile browsers support JavaScript bookmarklets, including Opera Mini 4.2 and 5, Mobile Internet Explorer, Palm Blazer, Opera Mobile, the iPhone, MicroB, Firefox Mobile and the latest version of Nokia Webkit on the N86 and Symbian 5th edition devices. I maintain a page at o.yeswap.com containing dozens of tested mobile bookmarklets and instructions for using them. Today I added a couple of new bookmarklets  to the page: Zap Cookies – Delete all cookies associated with the current … Continue reading

MWC09: Bolt Browser – New Version and Open Beta

Update: Feature list for new version added. At Mobile World Congress, Bitstream, Inc. announced that the Bolt Browser is now in public Beta, freely available to anyone without the need for a Beta code. There’s a new version too, 0.86.  I haven’t been able to find release notes or any indication of what’s new in this release.  I suspect it’s a bug fix release with no new features.  Trying 0.86 on my BlackBerry and N95-3 I immediately  noticed one bug … Continue reading

Skyfire 0.9 – WVGA Support, Twitter and Facebook Integration

Skyfire released a new Beta of their free mobile browser for Windows Mobile and S60, Version 0.9. This is a big upgrade, the release notes are huge. Here are some of the highlights. Skyfire now supports almost all Windows Mobile screen resolutions; QVGA (320×240, 240×320), WQVGA (400×240), VGA (640×480), and WVGA (800×480).  On S60, support for the N80’s 352×416 resolution has been added.  No joy for E90 (800 x 352) users yet though. Twitter and Facebook integration: Your Twitter timeline … Continue reading

Google Latitude – This is Big!

Last month Google killed four of their mobile services (Jaiku, Notes, Dodgeball and the iPhone and Android specific variants of iGoogle) and I was starting to have doubts about the search and advertising giant’s commitment to mobile. I shouldn’t have doubted, on Monday Google rolled out Tasks for Mobile, and today launched a brand new service, Google Latitude. Latitude adds location tracking to the Google Maps mobile application and to iGoogle on the desktop.  You can track yourself and anyone … Continue reading

New SkyFire and UCWEB Betas

Skyfire has issued an update to the S60 version of their browser.  It’s V. 085.0.8084 and fixes an issue where the phone would prompt you to select an access point three times on start up and again when ever you wake the browser up from a nap.  The latest release only prompts once at start up and once when it comes out of sleep mode. Still not ideal, there needs to be an option to set a default access point, … Continue reading