What’s On My Nokia E6?

While there aren’t as many apps available for Symbian as there are for iOS and Android, I’ve always been able to find everything I need for my Symbian phones. Here are the apps I like and use on the E6 that WOMWorld/Nokia has loaned me. All are free except for Gravity: Gravity needs no introduction for most Symbian users. It’s a beautifully designed, highly intuitive and immensely powerful client for Twitter, Facebook, Identica and Foursquare. There’s rudimentary Google Reader support … Continue reading

Using Opera Mini or Mobile To Fix The E6’s Too Small Fonts

I rather like the Nokia E6 which WOMWorld/Nokia lent me. It looks and feels very elegant and the keyboard is one of the best I’ve ever used on phone. The only real issue I have with the phone is the extremely small fonts used in HTML emails (image below, left) and for some mobile Web sites like CNN (image below, right). I’ve reduced the images so that they are about the size of the E6’s 2.4 inch screen when displayed … Continue reading

My Wild Weekend At Nokia UnFenced – Mobile Bloggers As Cowboys

This past weekend Nokia invited me and 19 other mobile bloggers to Las Vegas for a mysterious event. The invite was a bit vague saying, “We’ll be putting the latest, currently available, Nokia devices to the test in the wild west, (also known as Las Vegas) and we want you to join us!” so I didn’t really know what to expect.  “Currently available” devices indicated to me that we wouldn’t be seeing anything new. But I had hopes that maybe … Continue reading

Nokia E7 Review

I sent my Nokia E7 loaner back to WOMWorld/Nokia last week and I was sad to see it go. The E7 is not perfect but my overall experience with it was very good. The E7 is the successor to Nokia’s successful Communicator series (image of 1998 9110 Comunicator below) which were clam-shell devices featuring a large screen and spacious QWERTY keyboard.   The Communicators were pocket-able devices that provided a near-laptop experience and were popular with professionals who wanted to be … Continue reading

T-Mobile Astound (Nokia C7) Full Review

My two week trial of the Nokia C7/T-Mobile Astound is over. A big thanks to WOMWorldNokia for letting me get extensive hands on with this pre-release device, which is now available from T-Mobile USA for $79.99 after rebate on a two year contract. The off-contract/prepaid price is  $299.99. Here’s a wrap up of my experiences with what I consider (thanks mainly to the updated “pre-2.0” firmware) the best Symbian phone yet. The Astound is  newsworthy for a couple of reasons.  … Continue reading

Video: T-Mobile Nokia Astound Run Over By A Bus!

Last week at CTIA WOMWorld/Nokia‘s Tom Messett came up with a crazy idea. He wanted to run over a brand new T-Mobile Astound (Nokia C7) with the four ton, 15 passenger Ovi Maps Bus! I told Tom he was crazy, the phone would surely be smashed, but there was no dissuading him. The results surprised me, the Astound not only survived and but it still worked and looked great. See for yourself in this HD video that I shot on … Continue reading

New Symbian Browser: JavaScript Benchmarks and HTML5 Test Results

I’m pretty happy with the new “pre-PR 2.0” Symbian browser on the T-Mobile Astound version of the C7. Not only is the user interface nicer and the feature set improved but browsing seems a lot faster than the E7/N8 browser. To get an idea of the HTML5 support in the new browser I ran the HTML5TEST.com and W3C HTML5 test suites in the old and new Symbian browsers as well as in Opera Mobile 11 (on the Astound) and in … Continue reading

The T-Mobile Astound’s (Nokia C7) PR 2.0 Browser and Email App

WOMWORLD/Nokia lent me the new T-Mobile Astound (aka Nokia C7) which I’ve been using as my main device here at CTIA for the last 36 hours. Here are my impressions. The most exciting thing about the C7 is brand new firmware. It’s custom firmware for T-Mobile that’s “almost” PR 2.0 in that it has most of the features of of the much anticipated PR 2.0 firmware for Symbian^3. The Nokia reps I’ve spoken to insist that the new firmware isn’t … Continue reading