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pdadb.net/m/ (xhtml-mp)

Big database of detailed specs for PDAs, SmartPhones and other handheld/pocket-sized mobile devices. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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www.pdablast.com/mobile/ (HTML5)
PDA news, rumors and new product announcements
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Handheld Underground

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www.handheldunderground.com/ (HTML5)

A site devoted to HPC's or "Handheld PCs" which were clamshell PDA's with a QWERTY keyboard running the Windows CE OS. HPC's were manufactured from 1996 to 2000. The site features articles, links to HPC resources and downloads of wallpapers, eBooks, audio books, videos and maps which can be viewed with the Pocket Streets application which can also be downloaded from the site.

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tuxmobil.org/z/ (HTML5)
A site devoted to LInux on mobile devices - laptops, cellphones an pdas. Unfortunately, the links to most of the pda and phone specific pages are broken in the mobile edition although they work in the desktop edition

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