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Science and Technology news, internet tools, aerospace industry news. Everything about mobile phones including industry news, phone and software reviews, mobile web development tools, mobile downloads, mobile user forums and mobile social sites. Computer and network security, Operating Systems specific sites for Windows, Apple, Symbian, Palm and Linux users and developers.


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Sites related to all aspects of cellular phones and the cellular phone industry.


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Networking tools (ping etc.) and knowledge.

Sites covering techology news.


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Space exploration, space tourism and the aerospace industry are covered by the sites in this section.


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Sites covering Apple's products including the Mac, iPod and iPhone.

Linux and FLOSS

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Learn about the Linux OS.and other free/libre/open source software projects.


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Sites devoted to the largely forgotten Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and related software.

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Content: ****  Usability: XXX
www.nature.com/ (xhtml-mp)

Founded in 1869, Nature is one of the most respected scientific journals in the world. It publishes original research from all branches of science as well editorials, book reviews and feature articles of interest to the scientific community.

Nature's desktop website got a "responsive design" makeover recently and now adapts itself to mobile viewport widths. Nature seems to expect mobile users to view the site in landscape orientation. The site's layout looked rather jumbled to me in portrait using the Android Gingerbread, Symbian Belle, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers.

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.nature.com/scitable (xhtml-mp)

A free science library and personal learning tool from the publisher of Nature and Scientific American.

Scitable concentrates on genetics and cell biology, including evolution, gene expression, and the cellular processes shared by living organisms. Also offers resources for the young scientist, including advice about effective science communication and career paths..

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Popular Science

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
popsci.com/ (xhtml-mp)

PopSci Mobile

The latest revision of Popular Science magazine's mobile site sports a search-able blog style timeline of recent articles and photo features from the publication's desktop site.

Although the site is attractive, usability is hurt by non-functional page elements. Examples incude the "Browse" drop down at the top of every page and a similar "Comments" drop down at the end of each article, neither of which respond to taps in any of the browsers I tried, including the Android Gingerbread browser, Opera Mini 6.5 and desktop FireFox and Chrome

Popular Science is a 139 year old US based monthly print magazine covering all areas of technology from a layman's perspective. The emphasis is on automobiles, electronic gadgets and earth and space science. Articles are generally well researched and profusely illustrated. In addition to the print magazine, mobile and desktop[ web sites, Popular Science publishes a digital edition for the iPad that is one of the top sellers in the App Store.

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Popular Mechanics

Content: ****  Usability: XXX
m.popularmechanics.com/ (xhtml-mp)

Mobile online edition of the venerable (founded 1902) magazine covering home improvement, autos, electronics, computers, telecommunications, outdoors, fitness, science and technology. Popular Mechanics also features product evaluations, how-to information and news of technological developments. With a image heavy 500 kb homepage, the site is best suited to smartphones or Opera Mini. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
stackmobile.com/ (xhtml-mp)

A front-end to the StackExchange network of sites optimized for display on SmartPhones and web-enabled devices. StackExchange started with StackOverflow, a wiki-based user-driven help site for software developers that uses a system of voting and reputation to highlight the best answers for a question.

After StackOverflow became  a huge success with developers, StackExchange launched  specialized sites for numerous fields.  Current StackExchaange sites offer help for webmasters, game developers, general PC use, web apps, mathematics, personal finance, WordPress, role playing games, statistical analysis, video gaming, photography, home improvement, geographic information systems, Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, bicycle repair and more.

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
liveside.net/ (xhtml-mp)

A news and information site focusing on Windows Live. Features interviews with Microsoft product team members and news on Windows Live and the Windows Live Platform, Bing, Silverlight, Azure and Windows Phone.

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Champion Sparkpugs

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
getchampion.mobi (xhtml-mp)

Champion's mobile friendly small engine spark plug site lets contractors, landscapers and homeowners find the right plug for their mower, chainsaw or concrete mixer using their mobile browser.  Source: mobility.mobi

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Risks Digest

Content: *****  Usability: XXXXX
catless.ncl.ac.uk/m/risks/latest (HTML5)
catless.ncl.ac.uk/w/r (wml)

Scholarly journal of computer security.

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
presetsheaven.mobify.me/ (xhtml-mp)

A tech news and tutorial blog  for users of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. As the sites name suggests it is focused on Presets which are installable Lightroom filters for color corrections and special effects. presetsheaven has dozens of free downloadable presets and Lightroom tutorials. Mobile view by Mobify.me

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Hack a Day

Content: ****  Usability: XXX
www.hackaday.com/?m=true (HTML5)

A new hardware (mostly) or software hack every day. A typical day's item is an image, a one or two line description and a link to an off site article. The mobile version has a nice low bandwidth index page linking to individual item pages which have a simplified layout but retain the mobile browser choking 400px wide , 50KB image. The off site links aren't transcoded either so this site works best in "full" web browser like Opera Mini.

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Notebook Review

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.notebookreview.com/mobile/ (HTML5)
Notebook PC reviews, news and articles.
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Open attitude

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
openattitude.com/ (xhtml-mp)

Open attitude Mobile

Serial blogger, social networking gadfly, actor and director, Andrew Currie has "gone pro" with a new blog, "Open Attitude" covering some of my favorite topics; "Fair use, free software, unlocked phones and other things that are open."

The new site looks great and Andrew is off to a running start with a flurry of posts on desktop Linux, unlocked phones, file sharing, copyleft, Creative Commons and more. Open Attitude promises to be a lively and provocative site.  And it's mobile friendly so check it out now on your phone or PC.

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Smart Facts

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
smartfacts.mobi/ (xhtml-mp)

IBM's new mobile site targeting corporate decision makers with a series of "Smart Facts" about a successful business or practice. The Facts pieces don't overtly promote IBM products and services but instead offer readers an emailed IBM White Paper on each Smart Facts topic. Source: Mobility.mobi


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