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www.linuxinsider.com (HTML5)

Online since 2000, LinuxInsider is part of the ECT News Network familly of tech and e-business sites. It covers Linux and other free/libre/open source software for an audience of developers, sysadmins and IT managers.

Early in 2013, LinuxInsider and the rest of the ECT family were fitted with a shape shifting responsive redesign. At desktop resolutions the site's homepage design looks basically the same as it has for the last several years. But when the viewport is less than 480px wide , the sidebar, banner ads and item descriptions all vanish and the page morphs into a single column smartphone friendly Webapp.


LinuxInsider Homepage LinuxInsider Item Page

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OMG! Ubuntu!

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
omgubuntu.co.uk/ (xhtml-mp)

Launched in 2009 and targeted at mainstream users, OMG! Ubutu has quickly grown to be the most popular and fastest growing Ubuntu-specific website. Updated daily, it features the latest Ubuntu news, application updates, and releases along with opinion pieces, interviews, polls, tips, tutorials and more. The site uses a resposive design based on Randy Jensen's Handcrafted WP Wordrpess theme

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Linux and Open Source

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blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/wp-m... (xhtml-mp)

ZDNet's blog covering the world of open source .  It has industry news, opnions and reviews of OSs, distros and software. 

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Linux Journal

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
m.linuxjournal.com/ (xhtml-mp)
Linux Journal Back IssueSince 1994, print magazine Linux Journal has been covering the open source OS from all angles with news, editorials, reviews, and how to articles on using the Linux and developing software for it. The articles cover a wide range of skills levels from beginner to guru kernel hacker. The quality of writing is very high for a tech magazine, hardly surprising as well known blogger and co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, Doc Searls is senior editor and writes many of the opinion pieces.

Linux Journal has an online edition, launched in 1997, which includes selected current content from the magazine and a searchable archive of back issues. Only paid subscribers can view the full content of the last two issues online but anyone is free to read older issues. Visitors to the site can add comments to any article. The Linux Journal online also features a user forum and links to third party Linux resources.

I recently ran across the mobile edition of Linux Journal (m.linuxjournal.com) and it's a beauty. No tiny dumbed down mobile site, it features just about everything found on the full site including archives, commenting, forums and videos in mobile format. The only thing I found missing in the mobile edition was a site search. The well designed site is easy to navigate with a mobile browser but you will need a fairly powerful device as page size can be large. The articles are not paginated and contain all the full sized images from the PC version. Pages can be several hundred KB, well above the 20 KB maximum page size that the embedded browsers of many dumb phones can handle. Sounds like a job for a device running one of the mobile Linux distributions! While you are waiting for Android or Verizon's LiMo phone you should be able to use any modern smartphone or any phone running Opera Mini to read the mobile Linux Journal.
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Armed and Dangerous

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.ibiblio.org/esrblog/ (xhtml-mp)

The personal blog of Eric S. Raymond (ESR) open source programmer, maintainer of The Hacker's Dictionary, and author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar. His blog covers a wide range of topics including programming articles, software reviews, computer history pieces and open source politics. Its mobile friendly by way of the Admired progressive WordPress theme.

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the new topyli standard

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.siltala.net/ (xhtml-mp)

Juha K. Siltala's blog covering Linux and Ubuntu. Content includes news, software and UX reviews. Juha (@topyli) is a member of the Ubuntu project and chairman of The Finish Linux User group. He describes himself as "...a Free Software enthusiast an electronic civil rights fist-shaker, an armchair tree-hugger, a geek, and a pretty good drummer. I’m a great drinking buddy but not much of a craftsman."

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bapoumba.wordpress.com/ (xhtml-mp)

Longtime Ubuntu community contributor and Ubuntu Forum moderator Isabelle Duchatelle's, (bapoumba) blog featuring Ubuntu news and tips and tutorials for free and open software users.


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Linux Reference

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX1/2
www.novospace.com/channels/linux/ (HTML5)
A list of common Linux commands. Covers the vi editor commands and the BASH shell with a special sections on the intricacies of the chmod and mount command, and the various networking tools
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www.linuxhpc.org/mobile/news.php (HTML5)

Linux High Performance Computing. A site dedicated to Linux supercomputers. "Officially dormant" since January, 2012.

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Xubuntu Blog

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xubuntublog.wordpress.com (xhtml-mp)

Guides and tips for users of Xubuntu, a lightweight version of Ubuntu that uses the Xfce Desktop Environment. Hasn't been updated since 2011.

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Learning Linux

Content: **  Usability: XXXX
www.learninglinux.com/modules.ph... (HTML5)
In spite of it's name, this is more of a general Linux news site than a tutorial one. Too bad it hasn't been updated since 2006!

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