Opera Mobile 12.1.4 For Android

This is the last version of the Presto based Opera Mobile browser. It’s mainly useful as a way to import your Opera Link Speed Dial and bookmarks into the new Webkit/Blink based Opera Browser for Android which doesn’t support Opera Link. Here’s how:

Older Opera Mini Versions

Generally I recommend that you use the  latest version of Opera Mini from but if it won’t install or work properly try one of these.

Opera Mini 7.0 (30567)
Signed (multiple certificates): JAD JAR

Opera Mini 7.0 (29915)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini Next (7.0 Beta 28870)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 6.5  (26955)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 6.1  (25378)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 6.0 (24093)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 5.1 (21051)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 5.0 (19693)
Unsigned: JAD JAR

Opera Mini 5.0 (18635)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 (17443)
Unsigned: JADJAR
Signed (multiple certificates) JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.3-4.6 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.7-5.0 ZIP

Opera Mini 5 Beta 1 (15650)
Unsigned: JADJAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.3-4.6 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.7-5.0 ZIP

Opera Mini 4.4 (29476)
Unsigned: jad jar

Opera Mini 4.4 (26736)
Unsigned JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP

Opera Mini 4.3 (24214)
Unsigned JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
PalmOS 5 PRC To run this you need to first install the Palm JVM

Opera Mini 4.2 Beta 1(13057)
Signed (multiple certificates).jad .jar
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.1 (11355)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.1 Beta 1 (10781)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.0 (9800)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini4.0 Beta 3 (9461)
Unsigned  .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.0 Beta 2 (8993)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.0 Beta 1 (8462)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 3.1 (10423)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 3.1 (8295)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile

Skype has discontinued both the the Skype Lite and Skype Windows Mobile clients and the download links for both products have been removed from Skype’s site.

Although they are no longer available, Skype says that the Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile clients will continue to work at least through the end of 2010.

I’ve archived copies of the discontinued clients for your Skyping pleasure:

Download Skype for Windows Mobile
Download SkyLite for Java ME (jar)

IBM WebSphere JVM for Palm OS 5

In order to run Java apps like Opera Mini on Palm OS you need a JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Palm no longer officially supports or distributes the free JVM but it’s still available here:

The last Opera Mini version that works with this JVM on Palm OS 5 is here:

How to Install Games and Applications on iDEN Phones.

Motorola iDEN phones do not support direct downloading of Java apps and games.  The work around is to use a Java Application Loader (JAL).  There are many JAL’s but the easiest to use is iDEN JAL (PC running Windows XP and data cable required).

To use iDEN JAL:

  • You need both the .jar and .jad files.  If you only have the .jar you can create the .jad using jadMaker
  • The jad and jar must have the same base name (the part of the name to the left of the period) For example mini.jad and mini.jar NOT mini.jad and mini42b1.jar
  • The jad and jar names must be be short, under ten characters.

To use iDEN JAL:

  • Download extract and run the enclosed .exe installer (Windows XP only!)
  • Copy the .jad and .jar files to the same directory.
  • Close any Java programs that are running on the phone.
  • Connect the data cable to your phone and computer.
  • Start iDEN JAL
  • Click the Connect To Phone menu item. I’ve found connection problems are rare with Open WebJAL. If you get the message “The phone is currently busy performing another operation…” it means that a Java application is still running on the phone. Go to the Java Menu on the phone and you’ll see the message “End all running applications”, choose Yes and then Finish and try connecting again. If you get “The application was unable to read the required phone information… ” disconnecting and reconnecting the cable usually helps.
  • To load a game or application, press the download button and browse to the location where you have saved the .jad and .jar files, double click the .jad and WebJAL will copy the game or application to the phone.

Don’t expect every game or application to work on your phone.  In my experience only about a third of the ones I’ve tried install and work at all.  Start with Opera Mini or one of the tested iDEN apps at  Some games and apps that do work have key mapping issues. If the keys don’t seem to be working try the number keys and the green “call” button ,which often functions as the “OK” or “Fire” button.

Mobile Template for Sphider.

This is a template I created for use with Sphider Search by Ando Saabas. The goal of this template is to provide search and results forms that will work on all mobile phone browsers so that Sphider can be used as a mobile site search.

Update: Sphider 1.3.6 and earlier have been found to have multiple security vulnerabilities. I no longer use it on my sites and do not recommend it. 


  • Pages generated with this template will be valid xhtml-mp, xhtml 1.0 strict, or wml. Accept headers are checked to deliver a mime type and markup the user agent accepts (application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml, application/xhtml+xml, text/html or text/vnd.wap.wml)
  • Page sizes are small, under 5KB for (x)html and under 1397 bytes (compiled) for wml provided that the default length of search result summaries is changed to 50 as described in the installation instructions.
  • Mobile friendly user interface that puts results at the top of the page and provides numeric accelerator keys (accesskeys) on devices known to accept them.
  • Self-contained. All code is in templates/mobile/ no changes to Ando’s distributed files. Simple installation – just uzip into Sphider’s Templates folder. See the readme for recommended Sphider configuration changes.


  • Sphider Categories are not supported by this template.


  • Sphider search engine from Sphider requires PHP 4.n and MySQL 4.n This version of the template has been tested with Sphider 1.3.4.