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Sites which convert desktop web content to make it more usable on PDA's and phones. The transformation may include; images removed or reduced in size, large pages broken into several smaller pages and html translated to wml.

Mobile sites that let you store files in the "Cloud" either permanently for backup and archival purposes or temporarily for file sharing and distribution.

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
slideshare.net/mobile/ (xhtml-mp)

SlideShare Android - Main Menu 

This week the popular presentation sharing site SlideShare launched a mobile Webapp. Which is something I'm really excited about.  If you're ever clicked a link in Twitter or an email using  your mobile browser or iPad and found yourself on Slideshare's old non-mobile friendly Flash based site I think you will welcome the change too.

According to SlidesShare the new mobile site supports the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The images above show it running on an HTC Magic phone running Android 2.2. Even on that old and underpowered device, SlideShare worked well and switching between slides was almost instantaneous.

With most new HTML5 based mobile efforts, Android and iOS are the only platforms supported. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that SlideShare Mobile also worked well with the Samsung bada, WebOS and Opera Mobile 11.1 browsers and even with Opera Mini 6.1. That's no mean feat as proxy based browsers like Opera Mini support a rather limited subset of JavaScript and HTML5.

There is one downside to using an unsupported browser.  If you go to Slideshare.net  with anything but an Android or iOS browser you will get the desktop version of the site. If that happens you can use the URL slideshare.net/mobile/ to see the mobile version. Also, most older presentations on SlideShare aren't available in mobile format yet but all new ones should be.

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
m.gtricks.com/ (xhtml-mp)

Gtricks, "the Googleverse Blog" is a great site if you ever use Google web services, and who doesn't. t's packed with hundreds of tips on how to maximize your productivity using Google search, Gmail, Blogger, Orkut, Buzz, Reader, News, Doc, iGoogle and all the other Google web services.

Content includes little known but efficient ways of using Google products, secrets for finding right content with Google search and quick and easy ways to become Google power user.

The site is updated several times a week with new tips and tricks. And the best part is that you can easily follow Gtricks in your mobile browser thanks to a mobile optimized version of Gtricks created using Mobify.

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Web AddiCT(s);

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.webaddict.co.za/ (xhtml-mp)

Rafiq Philips and Miguel Dos Santos cover web technology, social media, business strategies, fair use, open source and the South African tech scene. The blog's name is an acronym for Web “2.0″, Applications, Developments, Designs & Innovation in Cape Town. Source: 30 Great African Tech Blogs.

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Digital Inspiration

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.labnol.org/ (xhtml-mp)

Amit Agarwal's is one of India's most popular bloggers. His site,  Digital Inspiration,  is a technology blog covering software, gadgets and personal productivity.  The site also has many tips and tutorials on web development, increasing traffic and revenue and getting the most from popular software programs.  Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.johnchow.com/blog/ (xhtml-mp)

Personal blog of John Chow, publisher of gadget and tech deals blog TechZone. John shares tech, writing, "getting-things-done" and money making tips for bloggers and would be internet moguls. 

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.kristarella.com/ (xhtml-mp)

The personal blog of Australian designer and photographer kristarella.  She writes about WordPress, graphics, web design, science, religion, blogging, computers, television, movies, music and  games. Mobile view by Mobify

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
m.bit.ly/ (xhtml-mp)

Mobile front end to bit.ly a sophisticated URL shortener that is popular with Twitter.users. Displays a history of your shortened links and lets you create new ones.

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
lastpass.com/mobile/ (xhtml-mp)

Mobile web access to the freemium cloud based password manager LastPast.  Requires JavaScript.

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Content: ****  Usability: XXX
qpyn.net/ (xhtml-mp)

QpynQpyn Is a short URL service that's somewhat mobile friendly.

The way it works is that you go to www.freepyn.com and enter the URL you want to shorten. Qpyn gives you a 10 character "pyn" code which you can put in a document or send to someone by SMS, email, Twitter or paper and pencil.  The recipient of a pyn can use it by entering the pyn at Qpyn.net to go to the original URL.

The pyn for wapreview.com is :}hO8oAj.i} Wapreview.com is (I hope) pretty easy to remember, the real value of short urls is for sending long deep link URLs.

Qpyn is an interesting service but for one that claims to be mobile friendly it has strange restriction. The pyn creator at www.freepyn.com doesn't work in mobile browsers, only in PC browsers!


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Content: ****  Usability: XXX
whois4.mobi/ (xhtml-mp)

Mobile whois lookup.  Find details of any URL's domain registration just as owner's contact information, registrar, DNS servers and domain creation and expiration dates.  If the domain is a available, a buy link is displayed which leads to a non-mobile French language page.

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Which Server?

Content: **1/2  Usability: XXXX
www.dojo.ie/donal/server.wml (wml)

Enter a url and it tells you what OS and Web Server the site is using

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Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
webmove.org/ (xhtml-mp)

Webmove is a blog covering new free mashups and content on the web with an emphasis on free legal music.

Hasn't been updated since 2101

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Google AdSense

Content: ****  Usability: XXXX
www.google.com/adsense (xhtml-mp)


If you use Google's AdSense platform to to serve ads on your desktop or mobile sites you can now check your earnings using your mobile browser.

Google's new AdSense Mobile interface opens up to show your current day's earnings, total unpaid earnings and the amount of your last payment. You can also pull up graphs showing your daily earnings for the last 7 or 30 days or the current or previous months as well as any custom reports you have defined.

The mobile interface should be served automatically to mobile browsers visiting goggle.com/adsense provided you have opted into using the "new" AdSense interface. If you don't see it the direct URL of the mobile interface is currently https://www.google.com/adsense/v3/m/home

Unlike with some of Google's recent mobile webapps which only seem to work with the iPhone and Android browsers, this one is relatively cross platform. The mobile version came up automatically for me using the WebOS, bada and Symbian^3 browsers and with Opera Mini.It worked perfectly in all those browsers except the Symbian and bada ones where the graphs didn't display. Via: Inside Adsense 


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QR Code
It's a QR (Quick Response) Code containing the URL of WapReview Mobile. Snap it with your phone's QR Code reader to go to the WapReview mobile site.

Ratings Key :

Content - 0-5 *'s indicating the quality of the site's writing, depth, timeliness and accuracy.

Usability - 0-5 X's indicating the usability of the site on a mobile device, based on ease and intuitivness of navigation and lack of excessive scrolling through ads etc. to reach main content.