Marriott’s Mobile Site Gets Better

Marriott International has updated their mobile site ( . When I last covered Mariott’s mobile site in September, 2005 I gave it a rather bad review. The redesigned site is much more usable. The biggest problems with the old site were the excessive scrolling and huge number of clicks required to do a simple search and also that results were not listed by distance from the airport or city center entered. The redesigned site has much better navigation and the … Continue reading

Kayak Mobile is a relatively new travel meta-search engine which searches over 120 travel sites including all the major airline sites except Southwest, many hotel chain sites as well as travel booking sites like Orbitz and CheapTickets. It includes a lot of sites you might not think of searching like or which specializes in European budget airlines. Kayak is purely a search engine like Google – it doesn’t do bookings. You search for the lowest fare or for a … Continue reading

A while back I posted about hotel search and booking sites and why I think they are a natural for WAP. It seems that agrees as they have launched a WAP site which comes in both WAP1 (wml) and WAP2 (xhtml) versions. The UI is well optimized for mobile devices in some areas but breaks down badly in several critical areas. As you can see in the first image, numeric accelerators are used and there are a number of … Continue reading

Hotel WAP Sites

I like the idea of being able to find and book hotels with the browser on my phone. It should be much easier than making endless rounds of phone calls to hotels that turn out to have no rooms available and without the language barrier in places where you don’t speak the language well. The major hotel chains are starting to get mobile too – so today I’m looking at a couple of new hotel WAP sites. A start is … Continue reading