eBooks in Your Phone

Mobile eBooks are getting some attention this week with Amazon’s launch of the Kindle, a $399 eBook reader whose selling point is that wirelessly downloads books. I haven’t tried or seen the Kindle but other than the wireless connection it doesn’t seem much different than other dedicated eBook readers like Ebookwise and the Sony Reader. These reading devices are niche products with a core of loyal users but nothing like mass adoption. I expect the Kindle too will sell in … Continue reading

How to Read eBooks on Almost Any Phone

Read an eBook on my mobile phone? I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. Although I’ve been reading books on a Palm OS PDA for years it has a relatively large 3 inch screen. I thought downgrading to the mobile’s 1.9″ screen would make reading impossibly painful. I quickly discovered that I was wrong. I found that I could read just as fast and with as much enjoyment on the smaller screen as with the PDA or even a printed … Continue reading