Carnival of the Mobilists #252

Photo: Fabiana Zonca – Some rights reserved Welcome to the latest edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists, a recurring showcase of the best recent blog posts on mobile topics. This month’s Carnival offers a fine selection of posts from all areas of the mobile ecosystem. In The End of Cross-Platform Mobile Operating Systems Richard Monson-Haefel at Ambient Strategic Mobility argues that tightly integrated mobile ecosystems à la iOS are the key to success for mobile platforms. Agree or disagree? Sachendra Yadav at Technology, … Continue reading

The Carnival is Coming to WapReview

Photo: Xavier Donat – Some rights reserved That’s the Carnival of the Mobilists (COTM) of course. The Carnival is a monthly celebration of the best recent blog posts on mobile topics from around the world. It’s been appearing regularly on a (not-totally) random blog since 2005. The Carnival exposes readers to new writers and a month’s work of quality insights into diverse areas of mobile world. For blogger’s, the Carnival provides some recognition, a quality link back to your site and usually … Continue reading

New Carnival of the Mobilists at Francisco Kattan’s Blog

This month’s Carnival of the Mobilists is now available on Francisco Kattan’s Blog. The Carnival is a showcase of the best recent blog posts on mobile topics that is hosted on a different mobile themed blog each month. Reading it is a great way to keep up with what’s happening in mobile and to discover new new blogs and bloggers This Carnival features a number of posts of interest to mobile developers. Topics covered include whether your app should be free … Continue reading

New Carnival of the Mobilists at Tego Interactive

The latest Carnival of the Mobilists was posted today at Tego Interactive.  The Carnival is a monthly showcase of the best recent blog posts on mobile topics.  It’s a great place to discover new voices and keep up with all the facets of the mobile scene This month’s edition has some great reads, including posts on the insular nature of the US mobile market, mobile strategy for CEOs, a big list of MWC 2011 parties,  mobile research, mobile barcodes, the … Continue reading

New Carnival Of The Mobilists At Volker on Mobile

The latest Carnival of the Mobilists was just published by Volker Hirsch at, Volker on Mobile.  The Carnival, which has been around almost since the beginning of mobile, is a monthly collection of the best submitted recent blog posts on mobile topics. This month’s edition is especially tasty with posts on personalization as the driver of mobile services adoption,  corporate “vanity apps”, a Galaxy Tab review, the latest take on Mobile 2.0, a preview of some upcoming MWC events and … Continue reading

Carnival Of The Mobilists

The latest Carnival Of The Mobilists, the weekly showcase of the best blog posts on mobile topics is at Indigo 102. There are a number of interesting pieces in this week’s edition covering such varied topics as location based advertising, BlackBerry’s success in the Middle East, mobile commerce, operator strategies, mobile affiliate programs, apps vs. mobile web, Firefox Mobile, mobile marketing and mobiles in education.  I’m honored that my recent post on maximizing available RAM in Android phones made the … Continue reading

Carnival of the Mobilists at Mobyaffiliates

Read the best recent blogging on mobile topics in this week’s edition of  The Carnival Of the Mobilists. Hosted by James Coops at Mobyaffiliates, the latest Carnival has items on location based services, mobile apps and appstores, mobile social network statistics, Seattle’s Mobile Breakfast Events, the Intel Atom Developer program, Skype, the iPad, Opera Mini and Ribbit Voicemail. Thanks to James for including my review of Opera Mini 5 on Android.  This week’s Post of the Week competition ended in  … Continue reading

New Carnival of the Mobilists Hosted By Tomi Ahonen

This week’s mobile Carnival is at Communities Dominate Brands, the blog of well known industry analyst and master of mobile statistics, Tomi Ahonen. The Carnival theme this week is the love and happiness engendered by the simultaneous arrival of Valentine’s Day and the Lunar (Chinese) New Year. Highlights  include pieces on Valentines related mobile services, mobile user experience, messaging based mobile advertising, the iPhone in South Korea, operator backlash against Google’s use of cell tower positioning, the potential intrusiveness of … Continue reading