Does Your FaceBook Fan Page Work In Mobile Browsers?

Do you use a  FaceBook Fan Page to promote your company, website or band? Have you tried visiting it with a mobile phone? There’s a bug in Facebook’s mobile browser detection and redirection logic that causes many Fan Pages to return a 404 “Not Found” error when visited with most mobile browsers. This bug doesn’t affect the iPhone, Android and WebOS browsers which are not redirected and get the desktop version of the fan page,  but S60 Webkit, Opera Mini, … Continue reading

mKhoj Is Now InMobi – Mobile Ad Biz Booming

WapReview advertiser mKhoj has re-branded itself as InMobi (press release).  The name change coincides with the firm’s entry into the European mobile ad market.  As mKhoj, the Bangalore based mobile advertising network had focused primarily on Asia and Africa. The mobile web advertising business is certainly ramping up.  More and more companies, both traditional web advertising networks and start-ups like InMobi, are entering the market. Some analysts might argue that the field is getting too crowded and that a shakeout … Continue reading

Microsoft – Yahoo: Bad News For Mobile Search

By now you’ve probably heard about the Microsoft – Yahoo deal. Yahoo will shutter their search engine and instead source search results from Microsoft’s Bing. There are lots of details about advertising revenue share that I won’t bore you with. If you are interested in that sort of thing, Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land has a good summary. While probably necessary for Yahoo’s survival, I’m worried about the future of my favorite mobile search engine,  Yahoo’s oneSearch. What I … Continue reading

Instant Mobilizer Taking Off

Ronan Cremin at dotMobi sent over an image containing sheetshots of some of the thousands of sites that have been created with Instant Mobilizer since its launch at MWC two months ago.  I’ve reproduced a small part of it above.  The whole image is 2714 x 3473  px so what you are looking at is only about 1/60 of it.  If you want to see it all,  click here.  Be warned that the jpeg is a little over 3 MB … Continue reading

Fifth Third Bank – First

A couple of months ago, dotMobi announced the availability of one and two character domain names. These so called “L” and “LL” names are considered highly desirable because they are easier to type, an especially important consideration for mobile. If a short name is a logical abbreviation of a company or site’s full name it can be easy to remember too. Like for American Airlines and for Kaiser Permanente, a big U.S. HMO. Rather than selling these short … Continue reading

Interview With mKhoj CEO Naveen Tewari

Disclaimer: mKhoj is an advertiser on this site and I use their services to display ads on one of my mobile sites. mKhoj a mobile advertising startup based in Mumbai, India with offices in Singapore, Bangalore and Palo Alto. The company has received funding totaling $7.6 million from The Mumbai Angels, Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers and Sherpalo Ventures. I find mKhoj interesting for a couple of reasons. First it is an example of something I’ve been expecting ever since … Continue reading

Mobile Mashups Go Mainstream

I’ve written about using free mashup services like xFruits, Feed2Mobile, Mofuse, FeedM8 and Winksite to quickly create a mobile website from your blog’s RSS feed. It’s an incredibly easy way to get a high quality mobile site. Still I was surprised to see that Nokia is using Winksite and Mippin to create mobile versions of Nokia Conversations Conversations at Winksite Conversations at Mippin Conversations, which launched Monday, aims to put a more personal face on the world’s largest manufacturer of … Continue reading – Lively Forum for Mobile Publishers

I can’t believe I didn’t see this site before. is a nine month old online forum dedicated to discussing the mobile web and especially the .mobi top level domain (TLD). It’s very active with over 7000 and threads and 46,000 posts. Lot’s of discussions of new mobile sites, industry news, SEO, domaineering and buying selling and trading .mobi domains. There are also active sub-forums for mobile web development questions, discussing mobile publishing platforms, hosting and legal issues like domain … Continue reading