Music Publishing and Sharing Service SoundCloud’s New Mobile Webapp.

SoundCloud is a Berlin based startup that lets musicians and bands collaborate and promote and distribute music. There are no upload file size limits and uploaded music can be shared anywhere, including on Twitter and other social media sites. SoundCloud also offers a media player widget that can be embedded in any webpag. According to Wired, SoundCloud’s freedom and flexibility have made it the preferred place for musicians to distribute sample tracks and interact with their fans, displacing MySpace. SoundCloud … Continue reading

phling! – Stream Your Music Library to Your Phone

phling! (, is a service that gives you access to the  music, podcasts, and pictures stored on your PC and allows you to share them with up to six friends. It’s a lot like  a mobile-only, audio and images-only version of Orb. To use phling! you need to download an application to your PC (Windows XP only, Vista “coming soon”, Windows Media Player 10 or later required).  On the mobile side you can use the phling! mobile website or … Continue reading

Nabbit – What’s That Song?

Nabbit ( is a new service that reminds me of Both sites tell you what’s currently playing on almost any U.S.  radio station.  The key difference is that Nabbit has more features but requires free registration. Registration lets Nabbit remember your location and favorite stations. The downside is that you can’t just start using it right a way on your phone, you need to visit the Nabbit PC site to create an account and specify your preferred stations, … Continue reading

idiomag – Personalized Mobile Music News and Videos

idiomag is a personalized online music magazine offering the latest in music news, reviews, music tracks and streaming videos. While anyone can use idiomag and get generic content, if you register at you can set you musical preferences and import your profile from Pandora, iLike,, MyStrands, MOG or Songza.  idiomag will then be personalized with music recommendations, tracks and videos based on your musical likes. idiomag’s mobile edition ( includes news, reviews and videos. It uses browser … Continue reading

Rolling Stone Mobile

It looks like the premier US rock and roll magazine, Rolling Stone launched a mobile site back in June.  I just learned of its existence when it was added to the Oh! Mobile Directory a couple of days ago. The site certainly hasn’t gotten a lot of buzz, I couldn’t find any mention of  it on Technorati or Google Blog Search.  Now that I’ve seen it I can understand why no one seems to have blogged it – the site … Continue reading

Find Song Lyrics with Your Phone

Song Lyrics ( is neat little mobile web application that lets you look up the lyrics to popular songs. It’s hosted on, a mobile portal that claims to be the world’s largest with 7 million daily pageviews! The Song Lyrics site has lyrics for 320,000 songs. When I first heard about this I thought that the way a lyrics search site should work is that you enter a snippet of lyrics and the site does a full-text search to … Continue reading

Name That Tune!

I stumbled onto a mobile site that will tell you what song is currently playing on almost any US radio station. The site is and it’s actually not new having been around for over three years. It works pretty well after you get past the initial hurtle of finding your station – which is a bit tedious on the phone. You first pick your city and then the station. Yes has thankfully broken the city list up by first … Continue reading