Pinterest Mobile Webapp Review

Pinterest is a social media startup that is quite the rage at the moment, especially with women. According to Comscore (by way of TechCrunch) it went from zero to 10 million monthly unique visitors in 20 months, faster than any site ever. All the more surprising as the service is still in private Beta. Potential members must be invited by a current user or request an invite. That makes it sound pretty exclusive however I received an invitation less than 24 hours after … Continue reading

Linkedin’s HTML5 Webapp Is A Disappointment

Until recently LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals, had a basic but usable mobile web site at It worked with most mobile browsers and let you build and manage your network of contacts, search the LinkedIn user base to find prospects, jobs and employees and send LinkedIn invites. Recently LinkedIn’s mobile webapp was updated. According to an interview on VentureBeat, the new one makes extensive use of HTML5 and node.js and shares much of its code with Linkedin’s … Continue reading

Google Plus Web Apps For Every Mobile Browser

Google Plus, the search giant’s latest try at social media, seems to be taking off. I’m not going to try to explain Google Plus here.  If you need an introduction to it a couple of good ones are Google’s interactive tutorial and and Paul Boutin’s clear description of the basics.  This post is a look at the available options  for using Plus on a mobile device. The richest Google Plus experience is with the official Android app which requires Android 2.1 or latter. Almost … Continue reading

Quora’s Mobile Webapp

Quora is a new (private Beta launched in January, with general availability in June)  social networking site based around questions and answers.  Users  ask or answer questions and then follow the question topics to see all the answers in their newsfeed. You can also follow users, a la Twitter. Quora may not sound all that revolutionary but it seems to be pretty addictive and is gaining users like crazy. The buzz around Quora got a huge boost a couple of … Continue reading

Taltopia – A Mobile Social Network For Artists

Taltopia is a social network for the artistic community. It’s a place where actors, musicians, artists, photographers, models and comedians can connect with their fans and industry pros like casting directors, model agencies, record labels and talent managers. Artist members can upload photos, videos and audio tracks of their work. Presentations are rated by the community using a “Fame” and “Shame” voting system with the highest rated presentations appearing on the site’s home page. Industry professionals post casting calls and … Continue reading

Google Buzz Now Available On All Phones!

Yesterday the Google Mobile Team announced on their blog that the Buzz mobile web client is now available on many more devices.  The post mentions support for Windows Mobile, Symbian, pre OS 2.0 Android, BlackBerry and Palm WebOS handsets.  In addition, Buzz now uses geo-location on BlackBerrys as well as the iPhone and Android. It looks like Google has done two things to make this possible. First, the rich mobile web client that Buzz uses for the iPhone and Android … Continue reading

Delivr’s Integration Comes to the Mobile Web

When I wrote about the mobile aware link shortener and micro-blogging network, Delivr‘s new integration a few weeks ago it only worked in desktop browsers.  No more,  now you can create a Delivr Share URL in your mobile browser and immediately post it on multiple networks using So what are Delivr and and why would you want to use them? Delivr is a short URL generator that lets you shorten links  and share them on nine different  … Continue reading

FriendBinder – All Your friends in One Place

FriendBinder is a new service that which went public with its Beta earlier this month and seems to be generating quite a bit of buzz. FriendBinder aggregates updates from your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and friends into a single stream, allowing you to keep track of all your social networks in one place. You can view all your friends as a single stream or filter the feed to show only updates the ones you are most interested in … Continue reading