Love and Words – Poet/Filmmaker Cassandra Tribe’s Mobile Blog

Cassandra Tribe is an American poet and filmmaker noted not only for her poetry but also for her readings and videos in which she uses changes in the pitch and timbre of her voice along with music, costume and makeup to achieve dramatic effects. Love and Words is Tribe’s blog where she shares her life experiences, philosophical essays and an occasional poem. The mobile version of Love and Words includes blog posts, a rotating selection of poems and stills from … Continue reading

LibraryThing – A Social Network For Book Lovers

A social network for book lovers. LibraryThing lets you build an online catalog of your books, rate them and write reviews. It gives you recommendations of new books you may like based on the likes of other members with similar tastes. There are links to Amazon and other online booksellers. A basic membership, allowing you to catalog 200 books, is free. Unlimited cataloging is $10/year or $25 “for life”. Social networking features include a profile page for each member, groups, … Continue reading

Bookworm – O’Reilly’s Mobile Web eBook Reader

Bookworm ( is an open source project to create a  free online eBook reader. O’Reilly Publishing contributes support and hosting for Bookworm. The Bookworm desktop and mobile ( web sites let you read electronic books in the epub format, an open source specification for xml based electronic books. Epub is fast becoming the most popular standard for ebooks. The  Sony Reader and popular eReader apps like  Stanza for the iPhone, Windows and Mac and FBReader for Windows, Mac and … Continue reading

MobileRead – For Mobile eBook Fans

MobileRead, a very active blog and forum dedicated to finding and using eBook and Web content on mobile devices has a new mobile website at The mobile edition has practically the entire content of the full version of MobileRead. You will find lots of good items about eBook readers, formats and sources of eBooks. Also tips on how to convert books to different mobile formats and getting the most from handheld devices. The focus is on dedicated book reading … Continue reading

Book Review: Tomi Ahonen’s Pearls Vol 1: Mobile Advertising

Mobile guru and king of mobile statistics, Tomi T. Ahonen has just published a new book. Titled “Tomi Ahonen’s Pearls Vol 1: Mobile Advertising“, it’s Tomi’s first book to be published as an eBook.  If you’ve read any of  other Tomi’s books or heard him speak you are no doubt familiar with his concept of mobile “Pearls”.  Pearls are unique, innovative and generally highly successful mobile service concepts. Tomi first started collecting Pearls in 2000 when he was at Nokia … Continue reading

Tomi Ahonen’s New Book

Tomi Ahonen has announced a new book, his sixth. Titled “Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media“, it can be pre-ordered from FutureText and will be available in stores and from shortly. Tomi is one of the true mobile visionaries. In his books and as a speaker at industry events he uses copious statistics , charts and graphs to convincingly advance his thesis that the mobile phone will become the most dominant form of media ever, bigger and even … Continue reading