Dailymotion Mobile Video

Depending on who is doing the counting, DailyMotion is either the number two or three user generated video sharing site (after YouTube) in terms of traffic. The new Dailymotion mobile site lets you search or browse though videos in subject area “channels”. Or you can jump right into the “Most viewed”, “Most recent”, “Most popular” and “Best Rated” lists. It looks like the mobile site only contains a subset of the videos on the desktop site though. I was unable … Continue reading

MySpace Mobile Adds Video

I just saw this on VentureBeat. MySpace has added video to their mobile site, m.myspace.com. Thanks to MySpace’s original association with bands and music, it has tens of thousands of videos, especially music videos. It makes sense to make them available on mobile. I took a look at the mobile video offering and it is live and it works but it’s very limiting and not particularly user friendly. To watch MySpace videos on your phone you have to jump through … Continue reading

MSN Mobile Video Update

A few days ago I wrote about Microsoft’s launch of MSN Mobile Video.  It’s a nice service with thousands of fresh, interesting clips from the full-web MSN Video library.  Unfortunately when I visited the site with a couple of video capable phones, the Nokia N95-3 and Motorola Z8, I got the message “We currently do not support Video on your device“. From that, I assumed that the site only offered videos in Windows Mobile format and suggested that if Microsoft … Continue reading

Microsoft’s MSN Mobile Adds Video

Microsoft has added a page of mobile videos to the MSN Mobile portal.  There’s a Mobile Video link on mobile.msn.com or you can go directly to the video page at video.mobile.msn.com. The bad news is that the videos are only available in Windows Mobile Video format which means that for the most part they only work on Windows Mobile devices.  According to  Sevenval’s mobileWatch mobile analytics report,  only about 25% percent of the video capable phones in the world can … Continue reading

Kyte Mobile

Launched last April as both a web site and a mobile site (mobile.kyte.tv), San Francisco based startup Kyte.tv combines video with social networking. With Kyte you create a homepage, which Kyte calls a channel, and add video, images, text and music from your PC or phone. Anyone can visit your channel, and view the content you have shared. Registered users can leave comments, live chat with you and other users and participate in polls. Channels can be embedded on a … Continue reading

vTap – Mobile Video Search

vTap is another of the many sites offering streaming video for mobile phones. vTap launched in September as a downloadable application for Windows Mobile devices which is still available. Then came an Ajax powered iPhone version. I don’t have an iPhone, but if you do try vTap.com. The iPhone version has some neat features like predictive text search where the site completes words as you type and RSS news feeds that spontaneously appear to help you pass the time while … Continue reading

HooQs – Mobile Video Channels

HooQs (m.hooqs.com) is another new mobile video and music site. This is a crowded field and HooQs is trying to distinguish itself with the concept of channels. A channel is a collection of audio and video content with a common theme like a band, new movie release, “how to do it instructions”, UFOs or a major news story. There are many predefined channels and Hooqs can create a custom channel for you based on your interests. Or you can build … Continue reading

MyCorner – Mobile Video

MyCorner: (m.mycorner.com) Is a nicely designed site with a variety of user submitted news, tech sports and travel videos in 176×144 .3gp format. I enjoyed the ones taken by someone wandering around the big 3GSM trade show in Barcelona earlier this year. Anyone can download, you must register to submit videos. Registration can be done on the phone or on MyCorner’s PC web site and requires giving your mobile phone number. As far as I know MyCorner is reputable but … Continue reading