Revision3 – Cross-Platform Internet TV Mobile Webapp

Revision3 produces and distributes Internet TV shows which are available on YouTube, Tivo and iTunes and via Android and iOS apps. Current shows include Diggnation, Lifehacker, TechnoBuffalo and many more (mostly consumer tech and video gaming oriented) shows. Revision3’s stealth mobile site at, which isn’t mentioned or linked to on the desktop site, offers most of Revision3’s content in smartphone friendly format (320×180, H.264/AVC video, MPEG-4 AAC audio). The videos I tried played well on all my test smartphones, including a … Continue reading

YouTube Mobile Site Update – Direct Mobile Video Uploads, Commenting and More

The newly redesigned YouTube mobile site ( adds social sharing features and direct video uploading.   The new version, which was released August 6, 2009, doesn’t really look much different. The new stuff isn’t visible until you log in. I’ll admit that I didn’t actually have a YouTube account until yesterday, I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, mostly by following links from other sites but I never really felt the need to share my own videos on the … Continue reading

AudioBoo – Mobile Web Friendly iPhone Podcasting

AudioBoo is a very slick iPhone app, mobile and desktop website. On the iPhone it integrates with the device’s voice recording capability allowing you to create and publish audio clips, called “Boos” with a single click. You can optionally include an image with your Boo. Boos are published on the AudioBoo web and mobile site and there are lots of ways to share Boos and add them to your mobile or desktop site. Options include a Flash-based embeddable player, WordPress … Continue reading