New Smartphone Theme, “Minileven” certainly “gets” mobile. Two years ago the freemium blogging service broke new ground by delivering mobile friendly versions of the 5 Million plus blogs it hosts to all mobile browsers. This month WordPress launched a major redesign for one of the two mobile themes it uses. WordPress had been using an older version of the WPTouch mobile theme for modern smartphones and a lightweight theme based on Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition plugin for feature phones and legacy smartphone … Continue reading

Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 11.5 For Android Hands On

It’s CTIA time and lately that seems to mean mobile browser release time too. Earlier today BitStream launched Bolt 3.0 for Android at CTIA (review).  Now comes word from Opera that both Opera Mini and Opera Mobile for Android have been upgraded. The new Opera Mini is version 6.5 (images above) which is currently only available for Android.  Its most noticible new  feature is a data monitor that shows exactlly how much data you have used and how much your … Continue reading