New Smartphone Theme, “Minileven” certainly “gets” mobile. Two years ago the freemium blogging service broke new ground by delivering mobile friendly versions of the 5 Million plus blogs it hosts to all mobile browsers. This month WordPress launched a major redesign for one of the two mobile themes it uses. WordPress had been using an older version of the WPTouch mobile theme for modern smartphones and a lightweight theme based on Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition plugin for feature phones and legacy smartphone … Continue reading

Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 11.5 For Android Hands On

It’s CTIA time and lately that seems to mean mobile browser release time too. Earlier today BitStream launched Bolt 3.0 for Android at CTIA (review).  Now comes word from Opera that both Opera Mini and Opera Mobile for Android have been upgraded. The new Opera Mini is version 6.5 (images above) which is currently only available for Android.  Its most noticible new  feature is a data monitor that shows exactlly how much data you have used and how much your … Continue reading

Highlights Of Mobilize 2011

Here are my top take-aways from GigaOm‘s two day Mobilize conference which wrapped up yesterday. Mobile payments are coming, but when and how? The mobile payments panel was interesting but I think it showed just how chaotic the payments space is right now. It had representatives from PayPal, Visa, Intuit and VeriFone all arguing for their own largely incompatible solutions. 2015 was mentioned by several panelists as the “year of mobile payments”, when most phones would have payment capabilities and most merchants who be ready to accept mobile payments.  To ensure … Continue reading

Revision3 – Cross-Platform Internet TV Mobile Webapp

Revision3 produces and distributes Internet TV shows which are available on YouTube, Tivo and iTunes and via Android and iOS apps. Current shows include Diggnation, Lifehacker, TechnoBuffalo and many more (mostly consumer tech and video gaming oriented) shows. Revision3’s stealth mobile site at, which isn’t mentioned or linked to on the desktop site, offers most of Revision3’s content in smartphone friendly format (320×180, H.264/AVC video, MPEG-4 AAC audio). The videos I tried played well on all my test smartphones, including a … Continue reading

In Praise Of Mobile Browser Navigation Controls

  My recent trial of a Nokia E6 reinforced something I’ve suspected for a long time. The current fad of removing navigation controls like arrow keys, D-pad, trackball or touchpad from touch screen phones is bad for usability. Designers seem have fallen in love with the idea of a smooth, all-screen front face on their devices, which means removing as many buttons as possible. But, you may say, navigation controls are redundant on a touch device as you can just tap links … Continue reading

What’s On My Nokia E6?

While there aren’t as many apps available for Symbian as there are for iOS and Android, I’ve always been able to find everything I need for my Symbian phones. Here are the apps I like and use on the E6 that WOMWorld/Nokia has loaned me. All are free except for Gravity: Gravity needs no introduction for most Symbian users. It’s a beautifully designed, highly intuitive and immensely powerful client for Twitter, Facebook, Identica and Foursquare. There’s rudimentary Google Reader support … Continue reading

UC Browser 7.8 For Symbian, Android, Java & Windows Mobile Review

  The English language version of the UC Browser 7.8 for Symbian S60  V.1-5, Android 1.5+, Java ME & Windows Mobile touchscreen PPC 2005 and later was released last week. it can be downloaded from using a PC or with your mobile browser. The Symbian V.5 download also works on Symbian^3 phones like the Nokia E6. New in this release are: “View Image Mode”  – lets you zoom images and view original size images 30% faster page loads for the Java version Bookmark management has been … Continue reading

The Progress Project – Using Mobiles For Social Good

The Progress Project is a joint venture by Nokia and Lonely Planet that documents the companies efforts to solve social, environmental and economic problems around the world. The solutions are varied but all involve mobile technology in some way. The Progress Project’s mobile and desktop Websites report on the various projects with text, photos and video. Currently featured are: Nokia Life Tools – helps Indian farmers bargain more effectively by checking crop prices in neighboring regions using their mobile phones. … Continue reading