2011 Predictions: What’s Ahead for the Mobile Web and SmartPhone Platforms

Photo: waltercolor – cc some rights reserved 2011 should be another great year for mobile browsing and mobile web apps.  Here are my predictions of what the new year will bring for mobile web sites, web apps, browsers, and OS platforms. 1) Significant advances in browser technology.  There will be new browsers from  Nokia for both Symbian and MeeGo.  And Google, Opera, Mozilla, RIM and HP/Palm will continue make incremental improvements in their browsers’ JavaScript performance and HTML5 support. Mobile … Continue reading

My Mobile Web Predictions For Last Year – The Scorecard

Photo by over_kind_man – Some rights reserved Now that the year is over it’s time to look back at the predictions I made a year ago and compare them with what actually happened with mobile browsers,  web apps and  platforms in 2010. Prediction: There will be major improvements in smartphone mobile browser technology. Mozilla, Opera, Nokia, Skyfire, Google and RIM will compete to deliver a near desktop experience on high end devices. Expect to see better and faster JavaScript engines … Continue reading

2008 – The Year for Mobile Data?

Happy New Year! I’ve never done New Years predictions before but I thought it would be fun to try this year. I believe that 2008 will be a big year for mobile data as large numbers of technically savvy users recognize that mobile phones are full featured, data aware computers. What will 2008 bring to mobile data and browsing? Here are my predictions. 1. Apple will meet their goal of selling 10 million units in the first year. A 3G … Continue reading