Mobile VeloNews

It looks like, the US based weekly print newspaper of competitive cycling has launched a proper mobile site. The URL is and it seems to have replaced the old site which carried live race reports from a half dozen or so of the bigest races each year but nothing else. The new VeloNews Mobile is updated constantly and mirrors the content of the Top Stories section of One thing that’s great about VeloNews Mobile is that … Continue reading

Meta Refresh a no-no for Mobile

Update: The Tour of California mobile site that I rant about below  no longer uses the  annoying meta-refresh!  Thank you, to whoever is responsible. There’s a bit of html, a meta tag which you can add to a web page to cause the page to reload after a specified number of seconds. It looks like <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”60″> Which means that every 60 seconds the page will reload itself. It even works on many mobile web browsers. In general meta … Continue reading

61st Vuelta a España

Updated 8/26/2006: Velonews IS offering live reports from the Vuelta on both the full web at and the mobile web at The BBC is not doing live coverage. The cycling Tour of Spain starts tomorrow under the ominous cloud of the back to back doping revelations of Operación Puerto followed by l’affaire Landis. I don’t know who’s guilty and who isn’t but I do know that professional cycling’s reputation is in the dumps. Maybe I’m dreaming but I … Continue reading

Cyclingnews Live – Tour of California

Update 2/22/06: Cyclingnews changed their url for today’s stage!! I updated the url on the Yeswap portal this morning before the stage started, but I can only post to the blog in the evening. I’ll do the same for the rest of the stages, if the url changes again I’ll update the portal ASAP, but this post may not get fixed until later. Last week I wrote about how you can follow Velonews’ live coverage of major cycling races on … Continue reading