Downtime and were both down for about seven hours today starting at around 1 PM Pacific Time.  My hosting provider 1and1,  can tell be nothing other than that a hardware failure occurred.   Everything’s back up now and it looks like the site survived with no lost of data.  I hate it when this happens, especially not being able to do anything to fix it. Back to regular posting tomorrow.

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OK,  I’m not much of a Twitter user.  I’ve had an account for almost a year and I’ve posted maybe eight tweets.  But I received a request from a reader to tweet when I publish a new post and found an Alex King WordPress plugin called Twitter Tools that promises to do just that.  So beginning with this one I’ll be automagically tweeting with every post. Maybe this will spur me to use the service a little more, or maybe … Continue reading and Downtime

Update: 22-Sept-2008: All URLs are be working normally for me on multiple devices and networks.  It’s possible that some users may still be getting errors due to distributed DNS servers around the world caching old values but that should resolve itself within a day or two, This is a notice primarily for users of and The and domains were moved to a new virtual server tonight.  This was necessary because the current server which hosts … Continue reading Enhancement

I’ve added a little improvement to this blog’s, When click a link to a non-mobile site, the screen on the right appears giving you an opportunity to view the site using a transcoder. Pressing the ‘5’ key will launch the non-mobile site in the Google transcoder. You can also use Mowser, Skweezer or no transcoder at all if you prefer or if Google errors out on the site as sometimes happens with any transcoder. You should only see … Continue reading


A couple of minor updates to WapReview and Yeswap. In response to a request from a user, I’ve added an “Enter URL” form to It seems that certain carriers, including Verizon in the US, disable the browser’s option to key in an arbitrary url on some phones – presumably to discourage users from leaving the “walled garden”. The user who wrote me was able to change his browser’s home page to point to YesWAP. On some phones without the … Continue reading

Wap Review Mobile Search Box

I’ve added a search form to Wap Review Mobile. I was starting to have trouble finding my older posts and I figured my readers might appreciate being able to search the mobile blog too. On the PC edition of Wap Review I just use Google’s Site Search and I would have liked to do the same for mobile. Unfortunately, Google’s TOS, at least as I interpret it, doesn’t let you create your own search form which calls the mobile search … Continue reading

going .mobi

I picked up a couple of .mobi domains for my sites. The mobile edition of this blog is at and the portal is now available at and aren’t going away, however. And, as soon as I mobilize the rest of the Wap Review site you’ll be able to go to with a phone browser and see a mobile site there too. I have mixed feelings about the whole .mobi concept. There’s a lot wrong … Continue reading