Jolla Ltd’s Responsive Site

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory Mobile Link: Rating: Content  Usability Doctype: HTML5 Home Page Weight: 719 KB (1202 KB uncompressed) Category: Tech/Mobile/OS – Brand Specific/Meego – Mer – Jolla Description: Jolla’s new site uses a responsive design techniques to adapt  to all viewport widths. It works well in mobile browsers, including Opera Mini, that can handle the site’s rather heavy pages. Jolla Ltd., headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is developing mobile devices and the open Sailfish OS based … Continue reading

Firefox OS Launching Early 2013 – A First Look and Screenshots

At yesterday’s Mobile 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Mozilla and Telefónica did a presentation of the soon to be released Firefox OS. Formerly known as Boot 2 Gecko (B2G), Firefox OS is a smartphone operating system optimized for relatively low end hardware and targeted at customers in developing economies. The Firefox OS architecture is relatively simple. It consists of the Mozilla Gecko layout engine and JIT JavaScript compiler running directly on a hardware abstraction layer sitting on top of a generic … Continue reading

With the Nexus 7, Google Aims to Dominate Post-PC Personal Computing

Google I/O was last week. While I didn’t attend, I did follow it closely at a Google I/0 Extended event at Google’s San Francisco offices where I watched both keynotes and a number of the tech sessions on the big screen. The most signifigant announcement of I/0 was the $199.99 (for the 8GB version) Nexus 7 tablet. It out-specs all the other 7 inch tablets in the market by a significant margin. I expect the Nexus 7 will quickly become the best … Continue reading

Qt’s Mobile Resurgence, RIM, Android, iOS and the “Next Billion” at QT Developer Days 2011

I attended Qt Developer Days in San Francisco this week. It’s the premiere event for developers working with Qt, a free and open source PC, embedded and mobile development platform that’s also available under a commercial license. Originally Qt was a C and C++ only framework, but since late last year it also includes Qt Quick, which lets developers build touch UIs using a Javascript based scripting language called QML.  Qt has been developed and maintained by Nokia since the company’s acquisition of Trolltech in 2008. It’s been a year … Continue reading

Windows 8, Ubuntu Dual Boot On The ExoPC

I spent part of the weekend installing the Windows 8 Developer Preview on an ExoPC X86 tablet. The ExoPC already had three versions of Linux on it; Ubuntu 11.04, the MeeGo 1.2 tablet preview and WeTab, which is a third party disto based on MeeGo. I wanted to keep the other OSs if possible. Lots of guides to dual booting Windows and Linux claim that you need to install Windows first as it will take over you hard drive and obliterate … Continue reading

MeeGo Conference – Steady OS Progress But No New Handsets

My mobile dream is a handset with the full power of desktop Linux and X-Server. I saw that realized with Nokia’s Maemo. The N900 was an amazing device when it was introduced 3 years ago. But today it’s starting to show its age in areas like performance, screen technology and unfashionable thickness. I was very excited to have the opportunity to attend the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco because  I expected that the N900’s successor would released or at least … Continue reading

Running The WeTab MeeGo OS On The ExoPC

The WeTab is a MeeGo tablet from Munich based  4tiitoo AG. The tablet’s hardware is similar to the ExoPC MeeGo tablet that I got at an Intel developer event recently.  Both tablets are manufactured by Pegatron, a division of ASUS. The only hardware differences are that the WeTab has less RAM (1GB vs 2GB) and a smaller solid state drive (choice of 16 GB or 32 GB vs 64 GB) and the fact that the WeTab can optionally have a 3G … Continue reading

Getting Started with MeeGo Tablet – Upgrading The OS And Installing Apps.

Intel was giving away ExoPC MeeGo tablets to interested developers at AppNation last week and they were nice enough to give me one. I’ve been playing with it off and on for the last week and wanted to share my impressions as someone who is just getting started with MeeGo. Disclaimer: I’m not a MeeGo developer or Linux Guru. I have done a bit of Web and Wintel app development.  My only Linux experience is using Ubuntu as my main … Continue reading