Mobile Site Mini Review – New Mobile News Blog – Mobile 360

I just discovered yet another mobile tech news site, which launched around May of last year. It’s London based and appears to share ownership with the well established German language site General mobile news is a crowded and competitive world but Mobile360 seems to have hit the ground running with frequent updates, well researched and well written items and an attractive site design. They apparently have some journalistic chops too. I discovered Mobile360 because they were the first to break … Continue reading

Mobile Site Mini Review – @JebBrilliant’s “The Mobile Perspective”

Formerly aBrilliantBlog, this is @JebBrilliant‘s blog on all things mobile. Jeb is the community manager for and also runs a trade show and events production company. At The Mobile Perspective, Jeb covers mobile services, VOIP, social networking and devices. Content includes reviews, news and opinion pieces as well as video interviews with industry executives and major players. Jeb uses WordPress Mobile Pack to deliver a small footprint, quick loading version of the site to all mobile browsers. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading

Mobile Site Quick Take: Mobile Europe

New to me, but Mobile Europe has apparently been around for 14 years as a controlled circulation (meaning it’s distributed for free to industry professionals) print magazine covering the mobile telecoms industry with a euro-centric focus. It also has a website and this mobile website. I don’t normally give much shrift to these sorts of indusry rags, which tend to be mostly cut and pasted press releases. But two things caught my eye about Mobile Europe. For one, the content is actually … Continue reading

IntoMobile is Now Mobile Optimized

IntoMobile has long been one of my favorite mobile news blogs. Martin Perez and team do a great job of covering the latest in mobile hardware, software, services and industry news. Their hard work and timely, quality content have made IntoMobile one of the top mobile news sites with over 3.5 million monthly unique visitors, according to Google Analytics. But a mobile version of Intomobile has been a bit of an off and on affair. There was one that launched in … Continue reading

James Kendrick’s Mobile News Blog Now On ZDNet

James Kendrick is one of my favorite mobile tech bloggers. He’s also one of the first. As his blog jkOnTheRun‘s tagline used to say, he’s been “using mobile devices since they weighed 30 pounds”. James covers just about every significant mobile gadget and software release with insightful reviews and analysis and wraps up the week’s top mobile news every Friday in a ‘Mobile Tech Manor’ post. jkOnTheRun became one of the GigaOm networks family of tech blogs in 2008 and … Continue reading