ShootTokyo – An American in Tokyo’s Lively Photo Blog

New Mobile WebApp Added to the Wap Review Directory Mobile Link: Rating: Content  Usability  Doctype: html Home Page Weight: 1074 KB (787 KB compressed) Category: Images Description: A photography blog from an American named Dave who has lived and worked in Tokyo for over a dozen years. The site is filled with great photos not just of Tokyo but also from places around the world that Dave’s day job in the tech takes him. The blog’s not just photos either, all … Continue reading’s Searchable Mobile Gallery Of Over 10 Million Photographs

Before TV and the Web, LIFE Magazine was the biggest thing in mass media.  The large format pictorial news weekly was the best selling magazine in the US with a weekly circulation of over 13.5 million in the 1940’s. LIFE played a major role in the development of the craft of photojournalism.  It published many of the best photographers of the 20th Ccentury including Alfred Eisenstaed, Robert Capa, Margaret Bourke-White, Andreas Feininger, Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks, W. Eugene Smith and Edward … Continue reading

Instabam – Your World Through The Eyes of Others

A new location aware mobile web app that displays photos taken near your current location. The photos come from the popular iPhone photo taking and photo sharing app Instagram using the later’s public API. Most are altered using Instagram’s arty (some say cheesy) filters. Pictures are displayed as a grid of thumbnails. Taping a picture shows it full-screen along with when and where it was shot and the photographer’s name and avatar. A slider lets you alter the range that … Continue reading

ImageChef – Create Text and Image Mashups On Your Phone

Ever wanted a personalized license plate? Your own  star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame? How about seeing your message on one of those big track side signs at a Formula One circuit? Now that would be cool! ImageChef Mobile is a free service that lets you add your own message to a large collection of stock images. It’s very easy to use. Just visit with your phone’s browser, select an image template, type in your message and press the … Continue reading

New Flickr Mobile

Flickr recently rolled out an updated version of their mobile site at When I first reviewed Flickr Mobile I found it limited but useful. This update removes most of the limitations I mentioned. Photos are now searchable by tag or description and new links give you more options for viewing your contact’s photos. One of the best features of Flickr Mobile, the ability to upload photos directly from your browser, has been retained. Browser uploading only works from certain … Continue reading

Flickr Mobile

This isn’t new but I just discovered it. Flickr has a mobile site! It’s a beta and pretty basic but fun if you have a Flickr account or know someone who does. There’s no need to login to use most of the features of the site. You can see the latest public photos posted to Flickr – which amounts to a constantly changing random assortment of images – most of them unfortunately not very interesting. If you have someone’s Flickr … Continue reading