Earthcomber Local Search

I’ve added Earthcomber, a new mobile web local search site to the WapReview direcctory and mobile portal under Search/Local. For a search site Earthcomber is unusual in that it’s menu driven – there is no search box. After setting your location, which involves keying in an address or just a zip code, you use a hierarchical menu to drill down to the category you are interested in. So to find a sushi place, chose, Let’s Eat on the home … Continue reading

New Mobile Search Engines and Telestra, Australia’s largest mobile operator, both launched new mobile search portals this week. Ask’s offering features a web search that searches the full web using Ask’s own search engine. The results are transcoded for mobile usability by a white label version of Skweezer (review). It works well most of time, but for some reason, Ask’s transcoded pages don’t have the message and link ” Page optimized for mobile device, click here to view without Skweezer. ” that appears … Continue reading

HopStop Mobile

To me at least, public transit and the mobile web could make a very enabling combination. When I’m out on the streets and want to get somewhere, I’d love to be able pull out my phone and bring up a little map showing the route from my current location to a nearby bus or subway stop along with step by step directions on how to get to where I want to go on the transit system – including any transfers … Continue reading