MSNBC’s Hidden Mobile Gems

MSNBC, the cable TV news channel operated by Microsoft and NBC has a rather good mobile web site. There is no dedicated URL for the mobile site as far as I know, but if you go to with almost any mobile browser, the site’s browser detection kicks in to serve mobile pages. It’s a typical multi section news portal much in the style of CNN’s and the BBC’s mobile sites. Unlike those two which use in house reporters extensively, … Continue reading


The NASCAR season is almost over but I just found these sites and wanted to share the discovery. NASCAR is the most popular US auto racing series. To European (and many American) motorsports fans it’s a bit weird. Billed as stock car racing, the cars are anything but stock. They look like typical US 2 door mid size cars from a distance but really consist of a handmade tubular chassis, with a full roll cage to protect the drivers, covered … Continue reading


Update: It looks like Vodafone has blocked access to this site for non-customers. Just in time for Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, I’ve discovered a great Formula One auto racing site, PLANET-F1. It’s an ‘exclusive’ on the Vodafone network, but fortunately it’s a public url so anyone can use it. Content is provided by a major F1 web site, and for the WAP2 edition consists of the full text of the ten most recent stories from the News section of … Continue reading


The BBC generally does an outstanding job with their mobile web sites and the BBC’s F1 racing site WAP pages are no exception. With several original stories every day and live lap by lap coverage of both qualifying and races, the BBC site makes an excellent companion to Planet-F1 (see previous entry). The BBC doesn’t have a WAP2 (xhtml) edition yet, but they do have both WAP1 and PDA versions. The PDA version works well on just about any WAP2 … Continue reading