9to5Mac’s Mobile First Responsive Design Works Everywhere

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory   Mobile Link: 9to5mac.com Rating:Content  Usability  Doctype: HTML5 Home Page Weight: 502 KB Category: Science & Tech/Apple Description: 9to5Mac is a popular news and rumor blog covering Apple Inc. The site was the first to report on a slew of new Apple products and features including Siri and the iPhone 4s’ dual core A5 processor, Last August 9to5Mac and sister sites 9to5Google and 9to5Toys (consumer electronics and deals) got a mobile first responsive  redesign. It … Continue reading

iTouch Has Bluetooth?

One of the most interesting things to come out of the Q&A session at the iPhone OS 3.0 launch was a statement that the latest iPhone touch contains Bluetooth radio hardware that Apple can enable with a firmware update.  If you missed it it’s at 11:43 AM in gdgt.com’s live launch coverage. I doubt that that Apple would ever enable the dial up networking profile.  But if they did you could tether an  iTouch to a cheap feature phone on … Continue reading

iPhone 3.0 – What’s it mean for Nokia and Palm?

At the iPhone OS 3.0 announcement today,  Apple reacted to its growing competition from S60 touch devices, Android and Palm Pre by announcing a massive upgrade. 3.0 will ship “this summer”  and a Beta is available today to all registered iPhone developers.  What Apple has done is to fill in  most of the feature gaps in the iPhone spec.  This is important.  While the iPhone design language and user interface have been head and shoulders above the competition since day … Continue reading

Quick Thoughts on the iPhone 2.0

Image Courtesy of Apple. Disclaimer, I’ve never owned an iPhone so I’m not particularly qualified to comment on the new version announced at WWDC yesterday. But like everyone else I’m caught up in the hype and wanted to record my impressions. The original iPhone was a major disruptor especially in the US market were it finally made the mobile web fashionable. I expect version 2 to have an even bigger impact. Although no one outside of Apple seems to have … Continue reading


iLounge: (ilounge.com/index.php/mobile) “iLounge is an independent resource for all things iPod, iTunes and beyond” It’s also currently the best source of iPhone information. I’m actually finding much more iPhone stuff on this site than on TUAW and MacRumors. The site is constantly being updated. The mobile edition includes the full content of the news blog and the forums. I’ve added a Technology/Apple folder to yeswap.com for iLounge, TUAW, MacRumors and all the other Apple related mobile web sites I expect … Continue reading

First iPhone Reviews

Courtesy of Apple Early reviews of the iPhone are starting to trickle in from the handful of mainstream tech reviewers who have been blessed with review units. Reviews are all rather positive as expected. These reviews do give us a better picture of the phones capabilities. My take: The pluses: Battery life is amazingly good, around 8 hours of talking, browsing or video playback – easily double what other phones of this size and capabilities can muster. How did Apple … Continue reading

iPhone Impressions

I saw the iPhone today at Macworld. It was playing a self running demo while slowly rotating inside a glass cylinder on a pedestal. There were two such displays on the show floor each guarded by at least two Apple reps and gathering 10 deep crowds of camera phone wielding fans. A very impressive device. The screen is gorgeous, vivid and incredibly sharp. The new multi-touch UI, if it works and is only half as intuitive and learn-able as it … Continue reading

Macworld Keynote Live on Mobile?

Macworld kicks off here in San Francisco tomorrow with the Steve Jobs Keynote at 9 AM PST (GMT – 8).  I’m not really a Mac person so I’m not going to pay $315 for the privilege of lining up at 3AM to get in.  But Jobs always announces something cool and this year it might be a phone. And if it is a phone from Apple will really shake up the mobile industry, especially if they sell it direct and … Continue reading