Try for Fast Relief From Customer Support Headaches

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory   Mobile Link: Rating:Content Usability Doctype: HTML Home Page Weight: 1107 KB (516 KB compressed) Category:  Search Description: One of the ways that companies try cut costs is by making it hard to reach a customer support representatives. Some of the tricks they use include hard to find support numbers, forcing callers into obtuse automated help systems and long hold times. If you have ever been frustrated trying to get … Continue reading

Bing’s Rich Mobile Makeover

    The mobile edition of Microsoft’s Bing search engine ( was updated recently with a bunch of new features borrowed from Bing’s desktop page and Google’s mobile search webapp including: Background image of the day with floating “Explore” menu Search suggestions appear as you type Location enabled on Android and iOS Image search results as a grid of thumbnails Tabbed results pages with tabs for All, Images, Shopping, Local etc. The new interface shows up on the iPhone and iPad … Continue reading

Find the Best Prices On Nearby Parking With BestParking’s Mobile Webapp is a handy mobile webapp for finding the lowest prices on parking nearby. It lets you search for the cheapest and and nearest parking garages and lots in 30 cities and at 79 airports.. According to the publisher the app saves users an average of $16 everytime they park. You can either choose an airport from a list or select a city and either enter an address or pick a neighborhood. You tell BestParking your arrival time and how long … Continue reading

Bugs Kill the User Experience With the Post Office’s Mobile Site

The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently launched a mobile web site. Features include package tracking, a post office locator with information on hours and last mail pickup times and a couple of zip code search tools; one that gives the zip code for a given address and another which tells you what city a zip code is located in. For procrastinators there’s also a page listing the last date to mail holiday cards and packages to various destinations. For … Continue reading

How To Use Taptu’s New Real-Time Search For iPhone/Android On Any Phone.

My favorite mobile search engine, Taptu, added a new option today – “real-time” search. So what is real time search and how is it different from plain old search? Google is pretty quick at updating its index. I typically find that my own posts show up in Google within about an hour and searches for specific breaking national or international news stories return something relevant in Google as soon as the story hits major news sites. But that’s not real-time … Continue reading

Updated: All Blogs Are Now Mobile Friendly.

Images – Updated: Issues using with Symbian phones fixed. Wow! Automattic, the folks behind WordPress, finally fixed something I’ve been complaining about for years.  All 4.5 million blogs are now mobile friendly. Just to be clear there are two distinct products called “WordPress“., which is what runs on, is free open source software that anyone can download and install on a web server.   You can do anything with it including modifying the code or installing … Continue reading

Search US Real Estate Listings On Your Phone‘s slick looking mobile site at lets you search local real estate listings for residential rentals and properties for sale in the US. Listings include description, photo, map, asking price, address and the name address and phone number of the realtor offering the property. Search is by address, zip code or MLS ID. Results can be filtered by price, property type and number of bedrooms and/or baths and can be sorted by price or number of bedrooms/baths. At first … Continue reading

CSS Bug Spoils Useful Mobile Apartment Finder

UDR is United Dominion Realty which owns and manages a number of large apartment complexes in U.S. cities. UDR’s mobile site, should make relatively easy to find rental units in major U.S. cities with your mobile phone. With it you can browse by state and city or use an advanced search form that lets you filter results by price, number of bedrooms and baths and available amenities like a pool, air conditioning and whether pets are permitted. Searches return … Continue reading