New CNN International Site

I’ve criticized CNN in the past for their policy of blocking users whose carrier is not a CNN “partner” or if they are using Opera Mini. It looks like that may be changing. CNN together with Ericsson have launched, a slick new mobile news site targeted at users in the NEMA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America) markets but seemingly accessible from any IP address. Like the still restricted by IP address CNN US mobile site at, … Continue reading

Mobango – Mobile File Sharing

Mobango is a very popular mobile file sharing site. After registering at the PC site, you can upload ringtones, wallpapers, videos and java apps from your PC to Mobango and them download then to your phone from the Mobango mobile site (wml browser required). When you upload a file you can flag it as either public or private. Any registered user can download public files which currently number over 200,000. The file size limit is a relatively generous … Continue reading

YouTube Shuts Down TinyTube

Update: 02-Dec-2006: TinyTube is back online with from Google Video, mostly movie trailers. I’m saddened but can hardly say I’m surprised. If you visit TinyTube, the site that offered mobile formatted content from YouTube, you will be greeted by an empty page with the message, ” More videos tomorrow, please visit the forum.” On the forum is this post dated 11/30/2006: “We want to maintain a good working relationship with YouTube, so when a Senior Manager at YouTube contacted us … Continue reading

MyMobileClips – YouTube, Google, DailyMotion and MetaCafe

Here’s another mobile web site that lets you download videos from YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion and MetaCafe to your phone. It’s called MyMobileClips and works a little differently than TinyTube which I reviewed a week ago. To use the mobile service you have to register at the PC site. Don’t be put off by the fact that you seem to be registering for a phpBB Forum. There is a forum but that’s not the main purpose of the site. … Continue reading

Shralp! Cell Phone snowboard videos is a one year old snowboarding video blog (vlog) site. Shralp releases a new video every Sunday. You can view the videos in your browser on the Shalp! PC site. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the videos. These are not your typical YouTube amateur videos. Production values are high and the images visually exciting. Shralp seems to “get” the potential of mobile video too. Right from the beginning, Shralp! has had a companion mobile web site … Continue reading

TinyTube – Mobile video from YouTube is an independent mobile site that hosts 3gp versions of a lot of the current content on YouTube. The videos are searchable, and grouped by: Recently Added, Favorites, Highest rated, Most viewed and Most Discussed just like on YouTube. This is not a streaming site, each video is downloadable in low, medium or high quality. All three qualities are 176×144 with varying degrees of compression and of course size – low quality averages 300KB, medium 700KB and High 6MB. … Continue reading


Treemo is a new social content sharing site which combines most of the features of YouTube and Flickr with a strong mobile web presence. Treemo allows users to upload and share video, audio, text and images. The site’s free account has much more generous upload and storage limits than Flickr’s. Treemo allows uploading 200 MB per month, ten times as much as Flickr. In addition Flickr limits free accounts to displaying only the 200 most recent images. Treemo doesn’t limit … Continue reading

More Mobile Video Sites

Reuters has one of the best mobile news sites at Now there is Reuters Labs, with two beta mobile applications. The first is a Flash Lite enabled version of Mobile News that runs on unspecified Symbian devices with the Flash Lite player (required Flash version also not mentioned). I haven’t tried it as I don’t have a compatible phone. The other beta at Reuters Labs, Mobile Videos, is pretty cool. It has a dozen news videos which are … Continue reading