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MakUseOf is a popular tech blog that reviews desktop and mobile software, websites and webapps and offers tips and downloads to help make your computer and smartphone use more productive. The emphasis is on great but little known Websites, free apps  and tips for Linux, Mac, iPhone and Windows users.

In addition to the main blog, MakeUseOf also hosts the Directory, an extensive catalog with capsule reviews of the editor’s favorite mobile and web apps.  MakeUseOf Answers is a user driven question and answer site a bit like Yahoo Answers. Geeky Fun is MakeUseOf’s humor section where the jokes tend to revolve around geek anti-social behaviour and the technical incompetence of non-technical users.

MakeUseOf’s mobile view was built using Mobify and includes the full content from the blog, Geeky Fun and Answers but not the Directory

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