Advertising Age Mobile Site Review

AdAge Mobile

Here’s a brief look at the mobile edition of Advertising Age, a.k.a., AdAge, the venerable (founded in 1930) weekly news magazine covering the global advertising business.

The well organized AdAge mobile site at includes the full text for hundreds of stories and articles,  blogs and columns, from the desktop AdAge site and the print edition. I like that registered readers can comment on stories from the mobile site. Disappointingly, registration requires going to the full site and filling out a form with no less than 14 required fields.

There are some other unnecessary limitations to the mobile edition that may have smartphone and Opera Mini users reaching for the “Full site” link – which unfortunately takes you to the AdAge desktop homepage rather than the desktop version of the current page. For one thing, only a single image from desktop edition is included with each mobile formatted story. All videos are stripped from the mobile pages even though AdAge uses YouTube embeds for many of its videos and YouTube can automatically deliver videos in several mobile formats.

AdAge also has free mobile apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Window Phone which I haven’t tried.

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