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I ran into Peperonity’s Sanda Freilingsdorf at CTIA and quized her on what was new at the site I once naively called “The Biggest Mobile Social Network You Never Heard Of.

It turns out that there’s a lot that’s new at Peperonity since I last covered them nine months ago. The following are new features I discovered:

  • A brand new mobile site design which was launched this week for the CTIA show. As you can see in the screenshot above the site has switched to the three across graphic grid design. A lot of sites use the same concept but that I think Peperonity’s looks particularly slick.
  • Support for four more languages bringing the total to 10; German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Spanish and Greek.
  • Chat now supports IRC “Internet Relay Chat” the cross platform and cross device chat standard.
  • Video downloads
Peperonity’s traffic is way up too.  According to Sandra, the site hosts 10 millon pages of user generated mobile content (up from 3.5 million in January) and has one million registered users (was 460 thousand nine months ago). Peperonity is generating 400 million page views per month making it AdMob’s largest publisher.  Top country for traffic is India, followed by Indonesia, Romania, the US and South Africa.
Peperonity also has a business of building white-label mobile social sites for carriers. Current customers include T-Mobile Germany, KPN, TELE2 in Austria  and WIND Greece.
I don’t think I can say that no one has heard of Peperonity anymore.  In fact they claim to be the “Worlds largest mobile social network”  Are they? I don’t know but they are certainly one of the biggest.  If you know of a larger one in terms of mobile page views, pages or number of users let me know.

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  1. like amith,for me too coming as the server is unable service your request due to maintanence downtime watcan i do 4 tat

  2. I am getting adult advertisment on my profile and all my pictuers are blocked can anyone help me please I took my phone to t mobile and they can’t seem to help !

  3. Does anybody know how to remove a webiste created on peperonity or comments that were placed on another site.I can seem to find that anywhere even in there help section.

  4. peperonity is the slowest mobile social network i ever accessed. not sure if it is network problem or what but most of the times “Service Temporarily Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

    Apache/1.3.41 Server at Port 80” will be displayed.

  5. Dennis hi again,
    thanks for your early response and of course for removing the wrong info ie. ‘FORUM in PEPERONITY’. Actually the fact is few months earlier Peperonity announced to introduce a New facility based on users choice.

    They published 5options.
    3) Who is online feature
    4)new facility in chat room
    5) don’t want any update

    And according to users wish(200votes) then they introduce ‘WHO IS ONLINE’ feature in Peperonity.

    ‘Forum’ and ‘Streaming Video’ this options are not available in Peperonity right now.

    Ya, i know there is still the video links in homepage, but the word that you are using (‘streaming’) has other meaning. Streaming means to see a video without downloading it. Peperonity don’t provide this facility yet.

    for more updates(whats new on pep, restrictions of pep, whats coming next, users problem, suggestions etc.) check http://


  6. Romel, Thanks for the corrections. You are right about the forums. I can’t find them anywhere on Peperonity anymore. I’ve updated the post to remove the reference to forums.

    The videos are there. There’s a link to them right on the home page.

  7. hi, sorry for interrupt you but i am afraid you published a wrong information. You wrote about ‘DISCUSSION FORUM’ but i’ve been in Peperonity for YEARS but i haven’t seen such options. Even you are mentioning about STREAMING VIDEO but its also not available, if i’m not wrong.

  8. Hi Dennis,
    I can offer you the following data. According to Herman Heunis, the CEO of Mxit whom I’ve met at this year’s MWC, Mxit has 12M users internationally. 9M of them are coming from South Africa, Herman told me.

  9. Andrew,

    I couldn’t find any statistics for MocoSpace. Actually good stats for mobile sites are almost impossible to get. Alexa, etc. track only PC visitors and are meaningless for mobile sites. Basically I just have to report what these sites claim and hope they are telling the truth.

    But I believe you may be right that MocoSpace has even bigger numbers than Peperonity. I’m doing a phone interview with Justin, one of the MocoSpace founders next week and will pump him for information on number of users and traffic. Look for a MocoSpace post after I talk to Justin.

  10. I have one suggestion, you might see the recent statistics for, which is a great social site, and has probably increased site traffic quite a bit since I last visited them. Also, since the myspace mobile roll out, you might check that out as well.


    Andrew Diamond

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