56 thoughts on “Yahoo Mobile Mail Beta

  1. couple of things I don`t love – no option to delete at the bottom of emails – can you change this as an option? Also – the space to write your email is confined to 1/2 the page so you have keep scrolling up and down to edit what you are writing – is this fixable? One more thing – the option to add an address in the “to” line is klunky and often freezes up. Better? Maybe a little faster but seems like a few functional options were taken away

  2. i’m using yahoo mobile since one year, now yahoo is little bit resource hungry. it opens only one page whn i try to go to my email or next page it gives error “Not enough Memory” and closes browser.

    Yahoo should look out for the users who are using basic hardware devices.which even don’t have 1mb of device memory.

    all other websites still works fine on device.

  3. people, yahoo mobile does not work at all! I work for a Telecom service provider here and all the subscribers both on my network and other competitors are complaing over the same problem. Once you go to the web page, key in username and password and click on ‘sign in’ it returns an error: Bad Gateway response/no gateway reply. This has been one for close to one and a half months. We need yahoo guys to fix this, otherwise its biting on us!

  4. That site works but the moment I sign up using my yahoo ID it takes me to the classic version.

    I want to have the new version of yahoo. I tried that with my wife’s yahoo ID and it works but only my Id is having the problem. Since I switched back to the classic.

    Any other clue how can I get he new yahoo

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