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 Digg Mobile Eugenia, the developer responsible for the awesome OSNews mobile site has created a mobile front end to Digg! The site presents the current top 40 on Digg in a compact format that displays nicely on any WAP2 phone.

The only thing I’m not fond of about this Digg mobile is that when you click through from the mobile page you are on the non-Mobile Digg item page which causes my phones built-in Openwave 7 browser to throw an out of memory error. If you plan on actually following the links to Digg and possibly on to the Dugg site you will need more than the average mobile browser.

I thought I could just do a mashup of Mobile Digg and a transcoder like Skweezer. I tried running Digg Mobile though both Skweezer and the Google transcoder (www.google.com/gwt/n) and they both made following links on Digg Mobile possible in the built-in browser without errors. The Digg pages were pretty easy to navigate through either transcoder. I wasn’t able to actually Digg or comment, however. Same with Opera Mini. It looks like the transcoders can’t deal with all the Javascript that Digg uses.

It sure would be nice to have fully functional mobile Digg. Ideally it would be just for digging sites on the mobile web. You would need a way to digg a new site right from the phone. That’s a problem as I don’t think any mobile browsers support true bookmarklets. Very few even allow cutting and pasting urls. I’d like to see something like WapTags where you search and browse through a proxy that has a link at the bottom of each screen that does a Digg. Eugenia, are you up to building something like that?

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Digg Mobile: cHtml Features: **** Usability: ****

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  2. Digg hasn’t released an API yet although they say they will “real soon now”.

    Actually, I was thinking more of a Digg-like mobile only site where users could submit mobile sites that they found worthy and others could digg, bury and comment on the submitted sites. I think it might really catch on and generate a lot of enthusiasm for mobile browsing.

    Thanks for releasing the code it looks like an easy way to mobilize any feed.


  3. I am not sure Digg offers the full API and tools to do a full featured mobile Digg web site rather than basing on their RSS feed…

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