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  1. @JoseH

    Your point about under 15 users is certainly a valid one. But adding 33% to Bebo’s numbers does not move it out of second palace in the UK or sixth in the world.

    As for Asian subscribers being irrelevant, I don’t agree. That region, especially India and China is experiencing explosive economic growth; in GNP, discretionary income, number of mobile subscribers and adoption of the mobile web. Now is when mobile social networks should be building a base of users in Asia and other developing regions. The pay offs will not be immediate but they will be huge in the long term.

  2. Re:BEBO

    Those comscore numbers are deceiving. Bebo is 6th place globally in terms of registered users, but..

    1. That only counts members 15 and over – which would skew the data. Up to a third of Bebo’s users are under 16.

    2. The international registered member ranking is kinda irrelevant for business purposes. You can’t equate success to the gross number of users, but should really focus on who has market share in positive ad-revenue-generating regions (not India or Malaysia). This is where sites like friendster and Hi-5 end up with so much falsely attributed value. In reality they can’t monetize all that traffic from such regions.

    Take a look at where MySpace has been expanding market share internationally over the last 2 years… They don’t expand for the sake of adding users, but adding viable markets.

  3. One excuse that I most commonly hear from companies and developers when I criticise their limited-functionality mobile sites is-“It is very resource intensive to do this and that.” and that too,even in the age when mobiles are trendy.Facebook Mobile is just a nought if compared to its web version and so is the case of Bebo.With Mobile 2.0 in action and Mobile 3.0 in making,people look forward for more and more functionality on mobiles.Why publishers don’t feel on this pulse? Is resource-intensiveness a proper excuse for mobile editions of web sites? Is mobile not worthy of any resource investment?

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