iVillage’s Full Featured New Mobile Site

iVillage Mobile

NBC Universal’s iVillage is a popular and fast growing online news blog and community targeted at women. It features articles and user driven forum discussions on topics of particular interest to women including pregnancy and parenting, health, food, entertainment, home and garden and beauty and style.

iVillage has just launched an ambitious new mobile site that includes the entire iVillage editorial and┬ácommunity┬ácontent with complete with all images and videos. The Drupal based news sections are mobilized using Mobify’s visual design tools. The discussion forums, which generate a major part of iVillage’s traffic, are built on Lithium Technologies‘┬ásocial CRM platform and use Lithium’s built-in mobile support.

In site of a front page size of over a megabyte, iVillage loaded quickly and worked well in all tested smartphone browsers and Opera Mini.

Filed in: Wap Review Directory – Entertainment and Leisure/Life Style/Women’s Interest
Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXXX_
Mobile Link: m.ivillage.com