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Mobile 360

I just discovered yet another mobile tech news site, which launched around May of last year. It’s London based and appears to share ownership with the well established German language site

General mobile news is a crowded and competitive world but Mobile360 seems to have hit the ground running with frequent updates, well researched and well written items and an attractive site design. They apparently have some journalistic chops too. I discovered Mobile360 because they were the first to break the story that Nokia’s Navtech was shutting down their developer program with only a few days notice to their partners.

The mobile edition has all of Mobile 360’s editorial content, including videos, and does a nice job of maintaining the full site’s look and branding.  It seems to work well with everything from the Android and iOS browsers to the more capable feature phone browsers. JavaScript is used but isn’t required. Mobile browsers should be served the mobile template automatically but it can be forced in any browser with

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