Opera Releases New Opera Mini 4.5 For Feature Phones.

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Opera Software has released an upgraded version of Opera Mini 4.n, its lightweight Java ME proxy browser for older and low end feature phones that can’t run Opera Mini 7.1. The new release is Opera Mini 4.5 and it replaces Opera Mini 4.4 in the company’s lineup. Compared with its predecessor, Mini 4.5 adds:

  • The download Manager from Opera Mini 7.1 which supports pausing and resuming downloads and downloading multiple files simultaneously.
  • Better support for touchscreen devices including kinetic scrolling and increased spacing between tappable elements.
  • New skins including a new light default skin
  • Added a private browsing option which hides your activity from the browser history and download history and deletes, cookies, cache and passwords when you exit private browsing.

I tested the new version on an LG LN 272 QWERTY slider feature phone. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a long standing bug with all Mini 4.n versions┬áthat caused to “tear” and become corrupted and unreadable when scrolling on this device was fixed.

Opera Mini 4.5 can be downloaded from http://m.opera.com/ using your mobile browser or from choice.opera.com/mobile/download/pc/ with a PC

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5 thoughts on “Opera Releases New Opera Mini 4.5 For Feature Phones.

  1. I have upgraded to opera mini 4.5.
    My phone’s model is samsung e2252 and this java phone doesn’t support any java app other than opera mini 4.3,4.4,4.5. please tell me how can I download any java app besides those apps?

  2. This is definitely a good update from 4.4!
    My new Favorite browser on the LG 840G!!

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  4. Its A Buggy Version , Its not Installing in my Samsung champ deluxe , it says network Error But Uc browser Is working fine.

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