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CyanogenMod, the oldest and most popular community built alternative Android distribution has a new responsive website. It’s now easier than even to learn about and contribute to Cyanogenmod directly from your smart (or not so smart) phone.

The new design, created by the Glitch Agency, draws design cues from the Android Holo Light theme. It looks good and adapts to virtually every browser from Opera Mini and the Nokia Xpress proxy browsers to modern smartphone, tablet and desktop browsers.

With this redesign most of the site now has a mobile friendly design. The  main page and blog use the new responsive design and the Invision IP.Board based forum serves its own mobile friendly template to mobile browsers. Only the Wiki makes no concessions to mobile support, although most of the Wiki pages are easy usable in mobile browsers.

The one wiki page that doesn’t work very well in mobile browsers is the Get Cyanogenmod device matrix and download page. But there’s a new responsive version of Get Cyanogenmod in the works that should solve that problem. You can try out a beta of it at

For more about the home page redesign, see this Cyanogenmod Blog post. For more about the Get Cyanogenmod update see this Google+ post.


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