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Tivo Mobile Daily Picks ScreenAs I’m sure everyone in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Taiwan knows, Tivo is Linux based television digital video recorder and service that is a bit of an obsession with many folks.  I don’t have a Tivo but it looks like a very smart service that among other things makes sure that you will never miss your favorite shows even if the broadcast schedule changes and also analyzes your viewing habits and recommends similar programs.

Tivo has a new mobile site at m.tivo.com that lets you program you Tivo using your phone wherever you are.  That’s not all it does either, Tivo Mobile also provides a television programing guide that can be used even if you are not a Tivo subscriber.  Just enter your zip-code and provider and Tivo Mobile will list daily favorites and  let you search for shows.  Show listings include time, channel, synopsis, cast list, ratings and an “If you like this…” link to the recommendation engine.  Unlike most other online guides. there is no hour by hour grid.

Tivo Mobile appears to be US only.  At least it wouldn’t recognize Canadian postal codes.  But then again may be it’s doing IP sniffing and knows I’m not in Canada.  If you get this to work north or south of the border (or in Taiwan or Australia) I’d love to hear about it. Source: MobileCrunch

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Mobile Link: m.tivo.com

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  1. I’m in canada and it doesn’t work with my zip so it’s not a sniffer that caused your error

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