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Google Mobile Tips Google has put up a web site “Mobile Countdown to the New Year“, which posts a new mobile tip every day through January 1st. The site is available in a full web version ( and also as a mobile website at

The tips demonstrate clever things that you can do with Google’s mobile services.  There have been six tips posted so far and all have involved Google’s mobile search, which is a good place to start.  Search on mobile uses the same powerful, but at times complex query language, as its full-web brother making it fertile ground for tip writers.

Still I’m hoping Google will get into other  areas of Google Mobile cleverness like a look at ways you can sync your phone with Google Contacts and Calendar using third party tools.  Or a piece on creating a search feed in Google News and then following it in the mobile version of Reader.

Speaking of Reader, I’m a little disappointed that the “Mobile Countdown” doen’t have an Atom or RSS feed.  I’d much rather follow these tips in my mobile feed reader than have to remmber to go back to the site daily for updates. Source: Google Mobile Blog

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