Macworld Keynote Live on Mobile?

Macworld kicks off here in San Francisco tomorrow with the Steve Jobs Keynote at 9 AM PST (GMT – 8).  I’m not really a Mac person so I’m not going to pay $315 for the privilege of lining up at 3AM to get in.  But Jobs always announces something cool and this year it might be a phone. And if it is a phone from Apple will really shake up the mobile industry, especially if they sell it direct and unlocked.  I want to following the keynote on the web or ideally on my phone as I probably won’t be near PC tommorow morning.  I looked around for a mobile site promising live updates from the keynote but couldn’t find any.  If you know of one please drop a comment here.
I did find a list of two dozen web sites with live keynote coverage at  Most of them are just placeholders right now but I suspect that many will work fairly well in Opera Mini and  will even be usable in lesser mobile browsers if transcoded.

I took the uneasysilence list and made a bare bones mobile page out of it  and posted a link to it on the mobile portal’s front page for anyone else who wants to try this.  The page includes a link to view it through the Google transcoder which is recommended if you are using your phone’s built-in browser

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