Found on the Mobile Web #5

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly Wap Review feature listing sites added to the mobile portal and directory in the last seven days.


 Amtrak MobileOriginal Signal News Headlines: ( Original Signal is a web aggregator that displays headlines from the feeds of about 15 preselected high traffic, high volume blogs and news sites sharing the same general topic area. Clicking a Headline takes to the source article, which is transcoded by Google in the mobile edition. News is one of 17 content areas each with it’s own mobile url.   Original Signal’s News site draws from The BBC, Yahoo, The New York Times, etc.


Times of India: ( The worlds largest English language newspaper according to Wikipedia, The Times of India’s mobile edition is a text-only PDA style site with lots of content and so-so usability.

News/US Local By State/IN – NV

New Jersey Home News Tribune: ( Mobile site of a Gannet daily covering central New Jersey towns like Perth Amboy, Piscataway and New Brunswick.

News/US Local By State/NY – TX ( A new beta version (with images) of the Cincinnati, Ohio news portal that I added last week.


[email protected] ( Singapore based mobile portal with local restaurant guides and transit schedules plus extensive linkage to mobile news, sports and entertainment sites from around the world.

MyToday: ( A portal with news, sports , movie reviews plus feeds from Slashdot, Engadget and local bloggers. As the name suggests, MyToday can be customized by as personal mobile homepage. Registration is by SMS and is limited to users with Indian mobile numbers.


Original Signal Web 2.0: ( Original Signal’s Web20 site draws from 17 top blogs including GigaOm, TechCrunch, Mashable and Micro Persuasion.


Opera Mini Bookmarklets: ( Bookmarklets for Opera Mini. See this post for details. The bookmarkets let you quickly perform actions related to the page you are viewing – such as post it to, search Technorati for references to it, view cookies, Google Info (backlinks, related pages, description).

Technology/Internet/Mobile Proxies

Html to WML: ( It seems like wml sites are disappearing faster than wml-only phones. If you’re stuck with a wml-only device, this transcoder converts (x)html pages into wml. Supports forms but not images.


J2ME apps: Eugenia has posted a page ( with links to her favorite mobile apps. Most are free.

Travel-Transit/City Guides

BCN on Your Mobile: ( An attractive Barcelona city guide with interactive maps, walking directions, hotel and restaurant directories. Pages load slowly, and the map’s are a fixed 240px wide – too wide for most mobile browsers


Amtrak: If you go to with a mobile browser you will be redirected to a mobilized (by Lift Mobile) version of the Amtrak PC site. Schedules and Train Status are available and you can view your reservations and even book travel on the site if you have registered with your credit card on the Amtrak PC site.