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Remember Mathew Miller at ZDNet’s “Smartphones and Cell Phones”? He’s the guy who wrote the ultimate T-Mobile G1 launch day review with  five videos and 260 images including a shot of every single screen and dialog box on the phone!

Matthew’s back with a new site, his third and it covers my favorite mobile hardware brand. The new site is Nokia Experts and it’s about Nokia phones and software for them.  Nokia Experts is available on both  the full web and  the mobile web.  The mobile edition is created with Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition plug-in.  There is no special URL, if you go to with a mobile phone you should automatically get the mobile formatted version

Mathew has been writing about portable electronics since the days of the original Palm Pilot. I  think he started at  PDAGeek and then went on to create two blogs under the ZDNet Blogs umbrella; The Mobile Gadgeter and Smartphones and Cellphones I’ve been enjoying Mathew’s writing for a long time, he’s an excellent writer,  his reviews are very through and he doesn’t hesitate to point out the flaws in the devices he covers.

To get Nokia Experts off to a good start, Mathew is giving away two Nokia phones, an N85 and a E71 and a bunch of software and accessories.  There is a new contest every week.  Entering is easy but the manner of submitting entries changes weekly so you need to read Nokia Experts to stay on top of the rules. Last week you entered by following @nokiaexperts on Twitter.  This week you need to leave a comment on this post at NokiaExperts which either asks a question about Nokia devices or suggests a topic for a future blog post.

Good luck to Matthew with the new site and good luck to everyone entering the Nokia Experts contest.

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