Found on the Mobile Web #11

Found on the Mobile Web is a regular feature of Wap Review listing new and updated mobile sites. All sites listed are included in the mobile portal and mobile directory.


Entertainment/Mobile Video

Zannel: ( A new mobile media (videos and images) sharing site. Anyone can browse, download and view. Register at to be able to upload which can be done by MMS or on the PC site.


MEDIAWEEK: ( A trade journal covering the TV, radio and magazine industries. ( Financial news and market quotes from India. Keep up with the latest on one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Quotes are from the Indian exchanges BSE and NSE.


Fox News: ( The conservative US TV news network has launched a mobile site.

News/International CM Click

CM Click: ( News from the West African Republic of Cameroon. Interesting reading, too bad the page colors of gray on orange are unreadable on some devices! ( The latest news, cricket scores and exchange rates from Sri Lanka.


HOVR: ( Download free ad-supported Java games. Similar to GameJump (review) it has many of the same games. Download is via the WAP site, direct to your PC for side-loading or sent as a link in an SMS. HOVR differentiates itself from GameJump by having more of a social element. Members each get a personal page called a Mobile Space, where the games you’ve downloaded and your high scores are displayed. Your can set up a detailed Mobile Space profile with your picture and exchange messages with other Hovr users. In spite of the name, Mobile Spaces are not available in a mobile version, only as a full PC site. Full registration requires giving your mobile phone number but you can use a fake one if you’re the cautious type like me.

Reqwireless: ( Home of EmailViewer and WebViewer, a couple of pioneering mobile Java web applications. When Reqwireless Inc was acquired by Google over a year ago it looked like these programs would no longer be available. In fact the FAQ on Reqwireless’ site states, “Reqwireless WebViewer, EmailViewer, HotViewer, and GotMailViewer are no longer available for purchase.” Thanks to tip from a reader I discovered that while this statement is technically true, you can’t purchase these programs anymore – now you can get WebView and EmailViewer for free! While neither program is state of the art they are still pretty good. They use a proxy to compress content before delivering it to the phone to improve performance. As MIDP1 Java programs they will work on many older phones that don’t support Opera Mini or thedoesn’tcan’t work with gMail’s POP servers.

Portals MSN Mobile Beta

MSN Mobile Beta: ( It looks like Microsoft is rolling out another new mobile homepage. The latest design makes the search box the first thing you see and puts weather, news, sports and entertainment headlines right on the front page. Compared with the existing and (which is also a beta) homepages, which are just lists of links, the new one requires fewer clicks to reach real content. Surprisingly the new page is no larger than the old ones – only 8 KB including images.


Area Code Finder: ( This site has one purpose which it does well. Enter a US telephone area code and get a list of the towns and cities it includes. Or enter a Zip Code or City + State and get the associated area code.

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