Afrigator – Mobile Memetracker for African Blogs

Afrigator mobile home page

Afrigator is a memetracker that collects and links to posts in English by African bloggers. The tabbed front page is divided  into seven topic categories; Life, Entertainment, Business, Tech, Politics, Religion and Sport with a default tab that lists the newest and most popular posts from all categories.

I’m pretty impressed with depth and breath of writing found on Africator. One could pretty much keep up with what’s happing in the world and in tech solely by reading African bloggers!

Listings on Africator Mobile consist of the post title and a short except.  You can click through to read the full article which will usually not be mobile formatted.  I’d really like to see Africator offer an option to view a transcoded version using  Mowser or the Google transcoder.  It’s easy to do,  just format the outgoing link as for Mowser or for Google.  Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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