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 Bank of AmericaHere’s another sign of the fantastic growth of the mobile web. Even the big commercial banks are getting into the act. Bank of America, the largest US bank has launched a mobile site. Some small banks in this country have mobile sites but this is the first one I’ve seen from one of the big nationwide banks. Citibank’s mobile banking is a Java ME app, not a mobile web site. For mass adoption these things should be on the web as relatively few users will download and install a application on their phones.

The Bank of America mobile site lets users check their balances, pay bills, transfer funds between accounts and find bank and ATM locations. The service is free of charge – other than what you provider charges for data access. As expected for a banking site, security is tight and you must use an “approved browser” to do anything other than search for ATMs and branches. I couldn’t find a list of approved browsers on the bank’s site but the Openwave V7 browser built into my Boost Mobile Motorola i855 seems to work while with Opera Mini I get “For security reasons, your device can’t access Mobile Banking.” Interestingly Barclays, a big UK bank also just launched a mobile site and Barclay’s recommends using Opera Mini or Opera Mobile!

The Bank of America’s mobile banking site is at

Barclays is at (the www is required – not in keeping with the W3C’s mobile best practices)!

I don’t have accounts with either bank so I can’t really review these sites. If you’re a Bank of America or Barclay’s customer and have tried their mobile banking, leave a comment and let us know how useful you find it.

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67 thoughts on “Bank of America – Mobile Banking

  1. B of A has beeen advertising Mobile banking across the grid YET they do not have this available for Washington state WHY? Unknown! I hope that BECU has mobile banking! B of A if you do not stop this advertising of “We have mobile banking” I smell another bank Crashing… YOU Bank of America!! To the ground you will go, Kiss the canvas B of A! Chase is handing you your A$$ BYE BYE!!!

  2. mobile phone that are supported are limited, conspericy that they and phone companys want you to buy 4g…

  3. I have able to use mobil banking for B of A up until recently. And I too keep getting a message like for security reasons my blackberry can not access mobile banking anymore! Wtf?? How come all of a sudden out of no where does this start?

    • same here, try manually updating the browser identification until issue is fixed.

      browsser > options > browser config > update broswer identification (to firefox)

      worked for me. will temp use this until they fix issue on their end.

  4. My Washington State Employee Credit Union has mobile banking…waiting for BOA. YES, I am tired of them advertising they have it on the ATMs too!!

  5. WTF:….how long do we have to wait for this???

    As much as I value convenience and nationwide ATM’s with BOA, they are getting their A$$es handed to them by Chase in this category.

    Super frustrating.

  6. If the system is separate then stop advertising it here in Washington and Idaho on the ATM’s. I am tired of checking to see if mobile banking is available here because of the advertisements. Maybe a class action suit is the way to get their attention.

  7. I’ve sent them e-mail via their Web site about not supporting Washington. They say it’s coming. Sure it is…just like online banking from within Quicken.

    What a bunch of asslicks.

  8. Mobile banking is not yet available in your state, we will let you know when it becomes available.

    That is the message I get everytime I try and log in. This has been going on for almost 2 years now. ATMs here in Washington are advertising mobile banking as well as the receipts that print out of the ATMs and receipts from tellers. This is very annoying!you would think a big bank like B of A would not have this type of a problem. Makes me want to transfer all my money to Wells Fargo. That is where my husband banks. We have a mobile app for them and it works in the state of Washington.

    Lol they lied to you. Still no mobile banking. Very frustrating

  9. I just talked with boa on the phone and they just kept saying that Washington State and Idaho don’t support the function. I think it is time the BBB is involved. BOA is involved in false advertising.

  10. I just want to be able to check my bank account on my iPhone in Washington. Is that really too much to ask? It really annoyed me to see an ATM in Washington advertising mobile banking, they even show the commercials on tv in Washington. Now BofA is just trying to piss me off.

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