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Nabbit ( is a new service that reminds me of Both sites tell you what’s currently playing on almost any U.S.  radio station.  The key difference is that Nabbit has more features but requires free registration.

Registration lets Nabbit remember your location and favorite stations. The downside is that you can’t just start using it right a way on your phone, you need to visit the Nabbit PC site to create an account and specify your preferred stations, which Nabbit calls “Presets”.  Well actually you can register for Nabbit on the mobile site but you can’t select any presets and without presets the mobile web version of Nabbit is useless.

Once your get set up, Nabbit is very easy to use with a dead simple one page UI which is just a list of your presets. Every time you launch you have to search for your location and then choose the station from a long list of all the stations in the area.

Nabbit also lets you “Nabb” your favorite songs to create an online playlist.  The playlist is only available on the full web site.  From the online list you can search for the songs’s video on YouTube; view the lyrics from;  buy ringtones from MTV; get full track downloads from iTunes, Amazon, or Napster; or purchase concert tickets  from Ticketmaster or Ticketsnow.  Yes doesn’t have a playlist , but it does let you buy the current track or album  on Amazon directly from the mobile site.

You can also Nabb a song by sending an SMS with the station’s frequency to Nabbit.  But the ultimate way to Nabb is with a voice call using Nabbit’s integration with Jott‘s voice recognition service.

So between Nabbit and Yes, which do I prefer? Although I generally dislike mobile web apps that require a PC to setup, I do find Nabbit  a little easier to use. So from now on Nabbit is my preferred  “What’s that song” service.  But I’d really like to see Nabbit make their mobile web app self contained by adding the ability to add and edit presets on the mobile site. Source Oh! Mobile Directory

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