WapReview.mobi Enhancement

 Transcoder DialogI’ve added a little improvement to this blog’s mobile.site, WapReview.mobi. When click a link to a non-mobile site, the screen on the right appears giving you an opportunity to view the site using a transcoder. Pressing the ‘5’ key will launch the non-mobile site in the Google transcoder. You can also use Mowser, Skweezer or no transcoder at all if you prefer or if Google errors out on the site as sometimes happens with any transcoder.

You should only see this screen if you not using a “full web” mobile browser. Users of Opera Mini and Mobile, the T-Mobile Sidekick or any browser running on Windows Mobile, Palm or Symbian will go straight to the non-mobile site just like they also have.

In order to make this work I have to go through all my posts and add an attribute to every link to a mobile site. This is a rather tedious task and I’ve only completed a months worth of posts so far. Until it’s done you will see the transcoder dialog event when following links to mobile sites in older posts.

3 thoughts on “WapReview.mobi Enhancement

  1. Wow! I wish Google Reader will use it too! specially when I browse with Opera Mini (beta 4) I would like to see the full site, not google transcoding.

    (although when I click full story on mobileburn.com, I can see the mobile version and not the google adopted page)

  2. I didn’t even know there was a WapReview.mobi That is appropriate for the mobile version. :D

    That’s awesome! I can see myself using this feature too.

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